Whilst preparing my kit for Warzone 6 in Crete this year, I put together a low profile and lightweight olive drab shooters belt setup that later became my go-to belt for all of my green loadouts but there was one thing missing – a dump pouch. I needed something that was not only compact as not to take up too much room on the belt but one that would also fold out to a full sized dump pouch so I didn’t compromise on space or carrying capacity. That’s when I discovered the Viper Tactical Covert Dump Bag!

The Viper Tactical Covert Dump Bag is a zip away function dump pouch that is lightweight and has a minimal design. It can be attached to plate carriers and battle belts using the MOLLE attachment that secures with a snap button. When the dump pouch is empty, zipped and closed its approximate measurements are 14 x 10 x 3cm and when unzipped and empty it is around 25 x 21cm which makes it compact when not in use (and not flapping all over the shop) but still gives you enough space to hold field essentials and has a drawstring closure. The Viper website says that the dump bag will hold approximately 4 x rifle mags or 6 x pistol mags. The outer is made of a Cordura fabric and the pouch itself is a thin, synthetic material.

During the game day I managed to fit in 6 x EG25 smoke grenades, 5 x EG MK5, 2 x ARP9 mags and 1 x HK45 pistol mag which was pretty impressive and there was still a wee bit of room for a few more gubbins. It didn’t feel burdened or too heavy when it was loaded up.

Now, are there any downsides to this piece of kit? To be honest I noticed only one – when I was playing at Xsite: The Outpost with my new G&G ARP9 I found myself crawling along the floor to get to move between low cover, I’d forgotten to pull the drawstring on my dump pouch which meant long items such as the ARP9 magazines and my EG MK5s left a trail where I had crawled because they had fallen out. It’s definitely a user error on my part, but we all know, during games that gameplay can move so quickly you just shove things in your kit and go. It’s really important to pull the drawstring on this bit of kit to make sure all your gubbins are kept safe. 

It’s available in V-Cam, Coyote, Olive Green and Black and retails for £8.45 from our friends over at Military 1st which is a reasonable price and it comes in the standard Viper colourways so you can find one to go with any loadout. I think Viper has done a great job with this bit of kit, I just need to remember to pull the drawstring in future *facepalm*

Hardwick, K.. (2018). VIPER COVERT DUMP BAG. Airsoft Action. 91 (October), 79.

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