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Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media lately regarding my go-to sidearm, and as some of you will have seen, recently I’ve swapped out my trusty M&P for something a little different. - the Tokyo Marui HK45! Today I’ll be going through the features and giving you my thoughts now I’ve ran it for a good few game days.

So let’s start with the pistol's construction! It has a fully branded polymer slide and frame - in compliance with Japanese laws - but has an alloy magazine and internals so it has a nice weight to It and it has the longevity of durable internals! It has a lower 20mm RIS/RAS rail made from a polymer that can be used for torches and lasers. It also features white dot highlighted sights, a finger ridged pistol grip for enhanced grip, ambidextrous magazine release, safety and slide release catch. The magazine has also has an extended base plate, which both serves as an ergonomic feature to help ensure the operator is correctly handling their HK45 whilst firing and it also makes it easier to remove magazines and place them in the weapon.

In regards to internals, the pistol has an adjustable hop-up unit which allows users to enhance the range and accuracy of their shots and also allows a range of BB weights to be used. It has a gas blowback system that means for every round fired the slide moves backwards to not only simulate recoil but also to load the next BB. The TM HK45 features an enhanced safety lever design, which can be set as a trigger disconnect to prevent accidental discharge, or be used to decock the hammer, so the hammer can be reset without having to discharge a round. As it is a really lightweight build, it is gas efficient.

With those out of the way, let’s look at the performance and usability. The hop-up is easy to adjust, and even in cold weather, the pistol is effective on green/red gas. The range out of the box is actually very, very good! When the hop is correctly adjusted the accuracy is also on point. It’s a very enjoyable pistol to use in the field. It fits into my hands well, although it is more comfortable when wielding it with both hands as I do have pretty small hands, the weight is nice and makes it feel very sturdy despite being constructed mostly of polymer. I am fully convinced of its durability as during a game day I did accidentally knock it off a waist height counter and it stood up to the unexpected test.

I brought my HK45 preowned and paid £115 for the HK45 itself and 3 magazines which is an absolute bargain! For a brand new HK45 with 1 magazine, you’d be looking at somewhere around £139.99 - which I think is very reasonable for TM.

Am I happy with it? Yes, I actually think it is one of the best airsoft pistols I have ever used - the range for an out of the box gun is excellent, it’s comfortable in my hand, accurate and is easy to adjust for different BB weights. It also just looks fucking cool.

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