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Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm back with another gun set-up and this time it's on my next review product - the Specna Arms SA-C09 CORE from Gunfire.pl


This is the SA-C09 CORE model on its first outing at Strikeforce CQB - before I started changing anything on the rifle I decided to leave her completely stock for a few games (except using my trusty PTS EPM x MAGPOD).


Once I played a couple of games with her in her stock furniture with no attachments I decided to tart her up a little with some goodies from PTS, Vortex and Olight!

The first thing I did was remove the stock iron sights and install the PTS EBUIS (Enhanced Back-Up Iron Sights) for the rear site and the PTS Unity Tactical FUSION Mounting System with BUIS attachment.

As I was playing indoors with some dark areas I utilised my new Olight M20SX Javelot kit, this torch has an output of 820 lumens so is a great addition! You can check out my full review here.

As I no longer use Hi-Caps I chose to forego the magazine that came with the rifle and opted for my PTS EPM x MAGPOD, all the same goodness of the orginal Enhanced Polymer Magazines but it has a moulded magpod that acts as a monopod for stability! 

For this set-up I wanted it to look as realistic as possible so I chose to keep the colours muted and utilise my Vortex SPARC AR, I am a big fan of this sight for sooo many reasons - check them out here.

To give me a little more room for batteries and a comfier shoulder/cheek weld, I utilised the PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock)!

Keep an eye out for my review on the SA-C09 from Gunfire.pl which will be live on the blog next week!

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  1. Hi,ik have also the pts stock but it don,t fit my specna arms sa-h02 buffertube.You didn,t have problems with yours?


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