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Welcome back to the blog, and my apologies that it's been a while! Today I'm back with another post and it's a run through of my G&G ARP9 Black Orchid 'BAERP9' set-up!


Admittedly, I made a few changes to the ARP 9 Black Orchid as soon as I got her out of the box in anticipation for her first game day including swapping out the iron sights for the PTS EBUIS (Enhanced Back Up Iron Sights), removed the orange crown suppressor and added a flash hider that has the option of a QD suppressor and added my Shield CQS. Here is what she looked like before:


One thing that was really important to me was having more battery space, as the GOS-V5 stock combined with excess wiring (imo) made it pretty difficult to fit my battery of choice comfortably and it's two fixed stock positions weren't quite right for my shooting style on either point. To combat this, I had an M4 buffer tube installed and a PTS EPS (Enhanced Polymer Stock) added. This is a 6 point stock so I have more options regarding stock length and tonnes more battery space meaning battery installation is now quite and easy!

To stay with the 'Black Orchid' colourway I chose to run my trusty Shield CQS site cerakoted in hot pink!

New to my set-up is the PTS Unity Tactical FUSION mounting system - I love running the hub and iron sight attachment from this kit rather than just an iron sight because I can add other pieces of the kit onto the hub such as a 90-degree rail piece or an extension for additional attachments such as a torch!

Last but not least, I removed the flash hider and put on the Femme Fatale mock suppressor from G&G - I love how this suppressor looks on SMG weapons and it carries on the colour scheme.

So that's my set-up ladies and gents! Keep an eye out for the review of the Black Orchid ARP 9 in the next issue of Airsoft Action!

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  1. How did you get the PTS EHP on the arp9


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