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Welcome to the blog. Today I have another review for you in partnership with Gunfire.pl and this time we’ll be looking at another AEG from the Specna Arms Core range – the SA-C09!

Let’s get straight in with all the deets! What makes the Core range of rifles from Specna Arms so affordable and lightweight is the use of nylon fiber reinforced polymer throughout the build - in this model in particular the receiver (which has markings and a serial number on it), stock slide, stock and the pistol grip are all made of this polymer. The RIS handguard, flash hider, barrel, charging handle and sling swivels are all made of metal. There are of course some steel parts in the build including the shell ejection window and mock bolt carrier.

What about the internals? Well, SA-C09’s gearbox has 8 mm slide bearings and shimmed steel gears based on them. The system has four anti-reversal latches, which is combined with a polycarbonate polymer piston with a full steel strip, to increase its durability, minimise wear on the gearbox and to keep the build lightweight. It has a rotary style Hop-Up that perfectly fits with a high quality 6.03 precision barrel meaning the hop-up is easy to change and the precision barrel has a positive effect on the range. The replica is also fully compatible with both LiPo and LiFe batteries.

The SA-C09 features a CORE™ Quick Spring Exchange System. What’s great about this is that the FPS is able to be quickly upgraded or downgraded without access to a workshop or special tools - all that is needed is to remove the stock slide to gain access to the spring. Out of the box, it had a muzzle velocity of 380 FPS which was confirmed with a document from Gunfire. Included in the box is an M90 spring, which allows you to reduce the FPS to around 310 FPS meaning it will comply with UK site limits. Although the spring is easy to change, if you don’t fancy changing it yourself the GF website does offer a downgrading service.
What is it equipped with? It has a 22 mm top RIS rail, RIS handguard and an adjustable 6 point stock with an anti-slip pad stock which can be adjusted to the player's needs - the anti-slip pad makes it comfortable to shoulder. The top RIS rail has a flip-up rear sight that doesn’t get in the way of RD sights. There is also a standard flash hider with a 14 mm left-handed thread, which allows the attachment of a silencer instead. 

What I really like about the SA-C09 is that it’s really lightweight thanks to its reinforced polymer construction, there’s no wobble so it feels really sturdy and the metal components only add to this. Overall, the aesthetics are good for the price, however, the only thing I didn’t particularly like about the SA-C09 was the stock it came with out of the box as it felt a little low end, but given the price of the AEG overall it is understandable.
I ran it for a couple of CQB game days to run it through its paces and I found the Hop-Up easy to adjust, the range was impressive for such low price gun and it ran flawlessly all day - there were no jams, misfeeds or anything that would put me off using it again. I Think for the price, Specna Arms have done a great job with the SA-C09 CORE, it’s definitely an AEG that would suit a beginner player for their first gun or a more experienced player as a base of a cool build project. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed using it! 

*At the time of publication, the SA-C09 was out of stock. Price will be added at a later date.

Photography thanks to Henry Nicholson

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