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Welcome back to the blog! This month I have teamed up with Delta Armory to bring you some content on their affordable range of airsoft AEGs and we’ll be starting with none other than the AR15 Long M-LOK ALPHA (or the DA-A15)! 

The AR15 Long M-LOK ALPHA in black is a part of the latest generation of AR15-M4 rifles from Delta Armory. As a part of the ALPHA series, it is defined by its robust construction, featuring a full metal body, including the hand-guard, body, trigger, stock tube, outer barrel, flash hider and other external parts. This construction definitely helps give it a solid and realistic feel. 

Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a metal flash hider that is mounted on a 14mm CCW thread, followed by the CNC metal 13’ lightweight M-LOK handguard with a metal handstop that comes included in the box - the hand-guard is relatively unique with a short 22mm RIS Rail at the front, and a longer 22mm RIS Rail on the body. This opens up a lot of options for customisation. On the body, there is a pretty important standout feature of the ALPHA series - the CNC Type A trigger, which enhances trigger response for a smoother and more precise shooting experience. Alongside the polymer pistol grip and at the very back of the rifle, the ALPHA series 6-point stock provides good handling and makes it easy to install the battery as the stock is really roomy. 

Internally, the AR15 Long M-LOK ALPHA boasts great components that contribute to its out-of-the-box performance. It features an SHS Piston with full metal teeth, an SHS delayer chip, and a quick spring change system (QRS gen. 2) which means the shooter can quickly change the FPS of the rifle without the need for tools. It also has the addition of a mandrel with bearing and a QRS motor, a rotary hop-up chamber, a 6.03mm inner barrel, 8mm ball bearings and durable metal gear. 

The AR15 M-LOK ALPHA comes nicely presented in a black and red Delta Armory branded box. On removing it from the packaging, you can feel that it has a nice weight to it thanks to the full metal construction and there is no rattle, wobble or give in the main build of the replica. There is a slight wobble in the stock, which isn’t ideal but it is minimal so doesn’t cause any issues. Aesthetically, I think (although I can hear cries of ‘it’s just another M4’) it has a nice silhouette and the M-LOK rail gives it a modern, current look. As it is quite long, I think this would be suited more to an outdoor/urban environment rather than CQB. 

So, how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. I’ve never used a Delta Armory replica so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I tested it using an 11.1v but was a little cautious as it doesn’t have a built-in MOSFET, but it was consistent, had no feed issues and also sounded great. When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 335 FPS on 0.20g BBs which is perfect for any site in the UK. 

In the box, you get the Delta Armory AR15 Long MLOK ALPHA, an unjamming rod, a mid-cap Delta Armory branded magazine and the all-important manual. In the UK it retails for around £264.95. 

Post sponsored by Delta Armory UK
Professional photos by Krios Photography

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