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Today I’m back with a review of the new Deadly Customs High Speed 2 Point Sling! I’ve been trialling this sling for a couple of months and I feel I am ready to give you my thoughts!

In the world of airsoft, firearms and tactical gear, we know that having the right sling can make all the difference in terms of comfort, stability, and overall performance. The High Speed 2 Point Sling from Deadly Customs offers unparalleled customisation options and superior quality. They are all made in-house in the UK using legitimate fabrics. It has been designed to provide maximum versatility and adaptability for users of all kinds. Now, let’s chat about the features and what makes this sling stand out from the rest. 

The High Speed 2-Point Adjustable Sling is available in two configurations, meaning it is able to cater to different preferences and needs. If you prioritise speed and manoeuvrability, the high-speed sling variant offers a streamlined design without a pad, ensuring minimal interference and maximum efficiency during dynamic operations. On the other hand, if you value comfort and want to reduce strain during extended periods of use, the sling can be equipped with a removable pad. 

One standout feature of the High Speed 2-Point Adjustable Sling is the pad's design. The pad is precisely engineered to float freely on the webbing, eliminating the risk of rubbing against your body or causing discomfort. This friction-free design allows for smooth and unhindered movement, ensuring that the pad won't hinder performance. By reducing friction, the sling provides a more comfortable experience, even during high-stress activities. 

The Deadly Customs High Speed 2 Point Sling is also completely customisable. There is a staggering range of 5,100 colour variations, allowing the user to express their personal style while ensuring their gear remains highly functional. On the website there are ‘off the shelf’ colourways to choose from and also a customiser that allows you to pick the front end colour, the draw tab colour, the rear end colour and the sling pad colour. You can also choose from a variety of end fittings, including Quick Detach (QD), HK-style, no end fitting, or even a combination of them. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearms/airsoft replicas, giving you the flexibility to switch between different platforms effortlessly. 

Now we have the features out of the way, let’s chat about what combination I chose and the usability. For my High Speed 2 Point Sling, I chose a combination of M81 for the rear and front end (or the webbing), a black draw tab and a Multicam Black sling pad (full disclosure if DNC was on the options list, that would’ve appeared in my build. For my front-end fitting, I chose a QD and for the rear fitting, I chose an HK Snap Hook which is the perfect combination for my Krytac CRB MKII which I use the most often in the summer as it’s my summer squeeze. 

On getting the sling out of the packaging, I immediately noticed its lightweight design, making it convenient to handle. The materials used in its construction feel durable, giving a sense of reliability for long-term use. Attaching the sling to your airsoft replica is also a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Within minutes, the sling is effortlessly installed. Not only is the sling easy to handle and durable, but it also offers so much comfort, even during extended periods of wear thanks to the removable sling pad. The thoughtful design ensures that it sits comfortably on your shoulder, minimising any discomfort or strain. Additionally, the sling features a conveniently placed draw tab that is easily accessible and simple to use. 

My configuration cost £54.99 which for a handmade sling that is laden with features and completely customisable is really reasonable. My code ‘femmefatale’ can be used on the Deadly website to save you 10% (this isn’t an affiliate code, just trying to save you money). 

Overall, I think the High Speed 2-Point Sling delivers on all fronts - offering a huge array of colour options, a choice of end fittings, and the flexibility to use it as a high-speed sling or with a removable pad. The innovative floating pad design ensures optimal comfort, and the sling's UK-made craftsmanship guarantees durability and reliability. Whether you're a professional, airsofter or a recreational shooter, this sling is definitely something to consider when building your loadout. 

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