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Welcome back to the blog! In my last post, I gave you the lowdown on my latest MultiCam plate carrier set-up and today I’m going to give you my thoughts on the base carrier - the Rush 2.0 Plate Carrier Tactical Vest from

The Rush Plate Carrier 2.0 by Primal Gear is a lightweight and durable plate carrier designed for airsofters that is constructed from 500D Cordura. It has 2 plate pockets that are ready to take medium SAPI inserts (ballistic or training, your choice!). The front and back vest panels, along with the cummerbund, are covered in MOLLE / PALS webbing that allows the wearer to expand its carrying capacity with various pouches and panels. There is a flat pocket with an organiser on the chest which is perfect for keeping intel and important items on you, and this also has a large area of loop Velcro so you can attach your favourite patches. The shoulders are completely adjustable and are padded to improve the comfort of wearing even when the carrier is loaded up with magazines and equipment. On the back of the carrier, it has a large zipper for the attachment of a dedicated Rush 2.0 panel and backpack. Another notable feature is the drag handle. 

The plates aren’t included with the carrier but you can get some affordable ones like these from GF themselves which is what I’m running or you can make them yourself from thick yoga mats - this really helps fill out the plate carrier and gives you a little extra protection (it also gives it a really distinctive sound when you’re hit too!). Whilst the plates aren’t completely essential to its use, they do make it look filled out. 

Is it easy to set up? This carrier set-up was a learning experience for me as I’ve not had one of this type before. On each side of the loop velcro patch, there is a small hole in the fabric that conceals two tabs with which you can attach panels. The panels that you use with the Rush 2.0 will need to have hook velcro on the back and have small clips that can attach to the tabs. For mine, I chose the OneTigris Placard 01 that has 3 x 5.56 pouches, an admin pouch and 2 pistol mag pouches. It was easy to install but I did have to employ the help of a pair of tweezers to help me get the clips on as the tabs are malleable but still firm. Putting the plates in took barely any time and it was quick to adjust. I spent the longest amount of time getting the clips on the panels. 

It has a large range of adjustment in regards to the torso however the shoulders didn’t adjust to as small as I needed them to be so I had to fold some of the shoulder tab fabric over, it still fits in the padded shoulder covers so when they’re on you can’t see the folded fabric so it isn’t an issue. More of just a gripe about the fact I would like it to just adjust without making any ‘compromises’ if you get what I’m saying. Whilst the carrier is on, it is comfortable to wear and the weight is evenly distributed when it is fully loaded. The construction of the carrier is sound - the stitching is straight and everything lines up nicely! The MultiCam fabric also matches my other Multicam pieces nicely! 

At full price, the Rush 2.0 carrier is €67,85 but at the time of writing it is on sale for €43,94 which is a great price point for a base plate carrier! 

It is available in a variety of colourways including Grey, Coyote/Tan, Olive, Black and MultiCam. I would love to see this available in more camo patterns but there is still a great selection of colourways that would work with any loadout. 

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