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Welcome back to Femme Fatale Airsoft! Today I’m back at it again, in this post we’ll be looking at an AEP by Tokyo Marui that is based on the TM Vz61! The TM Scorpion Mod M from Extreme Airsoft!

Let’s first chat about the build! The Scorpion Mod M is made from mostly polymer like a lot of Tokyo Marui products, featuring a polymer stock, pistol grip (which houses the battery), magazine, receiver, hand-guard and rails, but it has an alloy outer barrel, flash hider and internals. It has a unique colour scheme - mostly black with gold accents on the outer barrel, trigger and mock bolt cover. At the top of the Scorpion Mod M, there are two rails, both a front and rear 20mm rail to attach iron sights and optics, and there is an additional lower 20mm rail for attaching a variety of grips AND if that wasn’t enough for customisation options, the handguard also features side M-LOK points for attaching more rails for attachments such as torches, PEQ boxes. Other notable features include the 14mm CCW Threaded Outer Barrel for attaching suppressors and flash hiders and a side folding stock that locks into place.

In terms of usability features, it has an enlarged charging, an enlarged trigger guard and a textured magazine to give you more grip. The magazine release button is also larger than you would expect on an AEP. I can’t find much information regarding the internals of the Scorpion Mod M but it does have an adjustable hop-up. 

It is worth noting that as it is based on the Vz61 from Tokyo Marui, the parts and accessories for that system are compatible with the Mod M including the magazines!

How easy is it to use? The battery is inserted by twisting the nub on the bottom of the pistol grip which then opens to reveal the compartment where the battery is housed, The battery slides into the battery adapter and then goes into the compartment, it is quite a tight fit so be sure to get it just right. The battery is stored in the stock which means there’s no chunky handguard or stock which keeps the Scorpion Mod M super compact but it can be a little tricky to battery up until you get used to it. No tools are needed to do this!

I used this AEP whilst playing at The Department CQB in Croft, Leicester and it was a great little gun for CQB! As it is so small and compact it was a dream to go around corners with. It’s lightweight so can be comfortably used for extended periods of time as well (although it does have a sling mount on the rear of the gun) I used a 7.4 small LiPo battery and 0.25g tracer rounds - the tracer unit was easy to install and gave the Scorpion Mod M an extra little something something! Once the hop was set, it was ranging most areas of the site. I think this is a great CQB weapon or a backup for a sniper. The only thing I didn’t particularly like about it, is how it sounds. As it uses a 7.4 LiPo or a 7.2V Micro 500 NIMH it sounds a bit flat but this doesn’t affect the performance, it’s just not something I’m used to. The gold accents give this gun a custom look as well and I really like the flash hider as it looks like a little crown. Overall, I think this is a great CQB weapon if you want something lightweight and compact.

In the box, you get the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M AEP, a 260 round waffle hi-cap magazine and an AEP Battery Adaptor (it doesn’t include the battery so take that into account!). From Extreme Airsoft, the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M retails for £229.99.

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