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Welcome back to the blog and another review! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying out a new set of combat uniform from gunfire.com! At the Gunfire 2021 calendar shoot, I picked up a set of the Primal Gear G3s in MultiCam (you can check out my review of those here) and have been pretty impressed with them, so when I saw the Primal Gear G4 set in US Woodland on the website I had to try them! 

First, let’s chat about the top: the torso is made from a Polycotton material that is lightweight, quick-drying and soft to the touch and the arms are constructed from a Rip-Stop weave making it comfortable to wear, underneath a plate carrier and also durable. It has a Rip-Stop weave collar and a half zip. There are 2 pockets on the arms that close with a YKK zipper, on these pockets there are loop Velcro panels so players can adorn them with their favourite patches. At the cuff of the arms, there are Velcro tabs to adjust them. They do come with a set of elbow pads but, I like to wear my sleeves rolled up so I don’t use these or the adjustable cuffs. 

Next up, let’s chat about the features of the pants - they are made from the same Rip-Stop weave that the arms of the top are constructed from, have 13 pockets throughout the pants including the spacious side cargo pockets and a small pocket for a flashlight/knife with a clip. The waistline of the pants is trimmed on the inside with soft material which is comfortable against the skin and the waist is adjustable with Velcro tabs located at the back of the pants. There are other points of adjustment in the pants to give them a more fitted look - at the cuff of the leg and the back of the knees. As they are the G4 pants, they feature a new design of kneepad which has a honeycomb-esque pattern on them. 

What is the quality like? The set comes nicely presented in a fabric/plastic ziplock packet which is great to store the set in when it’s clean. The fabric on the torso of the shirt is soft and comfortable on the skin, it’s also pretty lightweight and quick-witting. The Rip-Stop fabric feels strong and durable and it is also comfortable on the skin, the seams within the shirt are noticeable when wearing but not uncomfortable. The kneepads included are made from a lightweight, smooth polymer and they’re backed with padded foam. The polymer part is quite stiff, but I think this may soften with use. 

The Primal Gear G4 Uniform set is sized in S, M, L and XL. In the G3 set, I opted for a size medium as they were a little snug around my waist/buttocks and did expect the G4 to fit similarly but with the G4 they are sized slightly differently so I went for the size small. The pants have room around the waist and buttocks so they’re comfortable to bend down in and move around in. Whilst they are roomy, they don’t look baggy because of the adjustability at the knees and cuffs. The shirt is a good fit around the shoulders/arms but like the G3 set it is quite long on the body - this isn’t a problem as I tuck my shirts into my trousers. There isn’t much stretch in the set overall but it is a comfortable, generous fit. 

They are available in other camouflage and colour-ways including wz.93 Polish Woodland, Grey, A-TACS, MultiCam, Olive and Black.

What is the price point? They were €105,32 but are currently on offer for €76,89 which at the current exchange rate is £67 (rounded up to the closest £). I think this is a affordable price point for a full uniform set. It is worth noting however that due to the changes incurred by Brexit, Gunfire can only ship orders over the value of £135 to the UK which isn’t ideal if you’re just in the market for a new uniform set but it can’t be helped. 

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