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Welcome back to the blog. So lockdown measures are slowly easing in the UK and we'll hopefully be back playing in the near future so I want to share with you my favourite snacks to take to weekend and MilSim events just in case. Drop any suggestions you have in the comments and remember to always read the ingredients before purchasing if you have intolerances or allergies.

PC: Poi Apeles

Let's kick off with the OG - beef jerky! For those that don't know what beef jerky is: it's thinly sliced beef seasoned with spices and air-dried until it becomes a chewy snack. It's high in protein, doesn't need to be refrigerated, gives you energy and can be enjoyed on the move. My personal favourite is Jack Links but there are tonnes of different brands and flavours out there. This got me through MSW Objective Stavropol and I've sworn by it ever since.

This Dried Fruit Mix from Amazon contains dried Pears, dried Pineapples, dried Prunes, dried Apricots and dried Apples. These are super tasty, chewy snacks that provide a quick boost of energy. They're high in sugar so are perfect for when you need a little pick me up.

If I want a cheap, quick and easy meal to eat at an event when I don't have time for a big meal, a Potnoodle is my number one choice. It's a carb heavy, hot, brothy snack. Simply boil some water, pour the boiled water into the pot, wait 3 minutes, and you have a hot meal. My favourite flavour is Bombay Badboy because it's a spicy curry flavour. It's even better with sriracha added!

The Nature Valley Crunchy Bars are a sweet, crunchy snack that are great for breakfast on the move. They come in a bunch of different flavours but the Honey and Oats for me are the ones. High in carbs and sugar, they'll definitely give you a boost of energy.

Another breakfast bar favourite of mine! My Mum used to put these in my lunchbox when I was a kid and I still eat them to this day. They're a soft cake/fruit bar that are sweet and high in carbs/sugar. My personal favourite in this pack is the strawberry flavour.

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