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Welcome back to the blog! Many of you will know that I visited Viper Tactical HQ near Luton, UK and I picked up a few bits and bobs to put together two new plate carrier set-ups - one in VCAM and the other in VCAM Black. In this post, I’m going to give you the details of what Viper products I’ll be using for my VCAM plate carrier set-up. Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, I haven’t had a chance to play in this set-up yet so the review will come when we’re able to play airsoft again!

For the base of the build, I’m using the new VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2. The Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 is the newest version of their modular vest that is designed to be used with the Viper VX System and other MOLLE compatible accessories. It is a one size fits all carrier that is fully adjustable by way of the vented mesh sides and shoulder straps. It has laser-cut MOLLE on the front and back panels, quick-release buckles throughout and multiple hook and loop panels for pouches or patches. The adjustable shoulder pads are padded and feature a bladder/comms retention system. On the front of the carrier there is a zipped admin pouch and hook and loop ID panel - which is the perfect size for my iPhone (screen facing inwards cause no one needs that). It has a removable laser cut MOLLE panel which I’ve removed to use the VX Chest Rig. On the back, there’s another MOLLE panel, which is compatible with the VX Charger Pack. It is also worth noting that the carrier comes with two removable EVA dummy plates - great value for money!

On putting the carrier on, as expected I had to adjust it at the shoulders and the cummerbund to ensure a snug fit, but it was easy to adjust. The MOLLE when it’s new is quite stiff so it did cause some problems when I had my pre-quarantine long nails but I got around this by using a pair of pliers. It was much easier with quarantine short nails! The material feels durable (more than durable for airsoft) and it is comfy to wear (from what I’ve tried on so far). The only thing I don’t like about it is the excess clips that have nowhere to go when you clip a new front panel on.

The Gen 2 Carrier is available in Black, Coyote, Green, Titanium, VCAM and VCAM Black. It retails for around £89.95.

To hold my mags I'm using Viper VX Buckle Up Mag Rig. It holds three rifle mags and three pistol mags. It is attached by two clips and the Velcro attachment panel at the back of the rig. To keep the magazines in place, Viper have added quick release bungee retainers to each magazine pouch. It is worth noting that the bungee cord is quite long, I prefer the cords to be shorter so the set-up looks tidier so I cut the cords and burned the ends with a lighter to clean them up.

It is easy to attach to the Gen 2 plate carrier, but there are a couple of extra clips that you need to tuck away. When the bungee retainers are pulled tight the mags are held firmly in place, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement (when jumping up and down). The mags are also easy to get out. One improvement I think could be made on this is to reinforce the pouches a little more - when no mag is inserted they do look quite and feel flimsy. I am keen to see how it holds up to consistent use during a game.

The Mag Rig is available in VCAM, Black, Coyote, Titanium and Green and retails for £26.95 from Military 1st.

Next in the set-up, is the Viper SCROTE pouch, this is a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches! As well as looking good it’s also super utilitarian - inside the pouch, it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. I use mine to store my .209 primers and impact grenade accessories during games so they are easy to reach in a hurry. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

It is available in a great range of colours including VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11.50! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Lastly in the set-up is the Phone Utility Pouch which is a MOLLE Compatible multi-purpose pouch that has a fleece lined & elasticated front compartment for a phone etc. Funny story, I actually grabbed this out of my kit box to use in this set-up being unaware of its name, and when I opened the front compartment I thought 'my phone could probably fit here, oh it does, I wonder if they realise' and text one of my friends at Viper to get an ID on the pouch and it was indeed made for a phone haha. I have an iPhone XS and it fits great inside the compartment, and what I really like about it is that the fleece lining protects it from getting all scratched up! It also has a zipped rear compartment with an internal nylon sleeve.

The Phone Utility Pouch also comes in Coyote, Black, Titanium, Green and retails for £11.50.

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