Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I want to chat to you guys and girls about something - a question many of you on the internet have been asking for the last few months which I've only ever explained very briefly: why I stopped uploading to YouTube.

In November 2017, I stopped uploading to YouTube. Just stopped. No explanation or announcement. I simply packed away my GoPro's and DSLR's and put all my focus into the blog and my Instagram account. The truth is, at the time I was really burnt out. Between the blog, YouTube and all my writing commitments I had taken on too much in such a short space of time. Editing filled me with dread, watching other YouTubers content just made me feel like my own content wasn't good enough and I always had a better gameday when I didn't record so I went on a YouTube hiatus until I felt the passion to go back to it.

Here's the good news. I'm back. New equipment, new drive and focus and more importantly, new adventures! Stay tuned for my America content that'll be up on the channel in the next couple of weeks and on my return to the UK I'll also be uploading more gameplay, loadout videos and product reviews. You can subscribe to the channel here!

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