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Welcome back to the blog! As many of you will have seen, this week I returned to YouTube with some videos in collaboration with my sponsors PTS Syndicate! Whilst I was in LA, I visited PTS North America HQ to chat to them about the PTS Centurion Arms CM4 ERG and the PTS KINETIC SCAR MREX M-LOK rails!

The PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 ERG is an airsoft gun collaboration between Centurion Arms and PTS Syndicate that uses an ERG (Electric Recoil Gun) system! The system is based on the latest generation KWA AEG 3 system. The ERG simulates recoil via a proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. When used with the proprietary ERG magazine, that is switchable between 30 or 120 round capacity, it is capable of an electrical auto cut-off when the last round is fired. If you are willing to forgo the cut-off, the ERG can still use any normal AEG magazine such as the PTS EPM for AEGs. A quick change spring system allows you to easily customize the fps/m/s of the gun to your specific needs. Included as standard equipment for the CM4 ERG, are PTS’ highly popular proprietary design Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced Back-Up Sight, Enhanced Polymer Magazine and Enhanced Polymer Stock. -

  • 10” PTS Centurion Arms C4 Rail
  • 10.3” CQB Length Barrel
  • Enhanced Back Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS)
  • Enhanced Polymer Magazine (ERG) – New 30/120 rounds switch can fill all your airsoft needs.
  • EP Grip – Compact (EPG - C)
  • EP Stock (EPS)
  • Rear Wired & Li-Po Ready – Can handle the power of 11.1v Li-Po batteries.

Check out my video of the PTS Syndicate Centurion Arms CM4 here:

The Kinetic MREX™ Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be simple, durable, and lightweight. The slim profile of the MREX greatly improves the aesthetic of the SCAR by giving it a long sleek profile. Its extended rail length in front of the front sight/gas block increases the rifle’s modularity by increasing the real estate for accessory attachments as well as improves ergonomics by better accommodating the modern forward support hand rifle hold and improving the overall rifle’s balance. The MREX’s one piece construction ensures maximum durability without any significant weight penalty -

  • Works with VFC / WE / Tokyo Marui SCAR models (see specifications for details)
  • M-LOK™ modular design
  • Simple, lightweight and highly durable one-piece desig
  • Improved rifle balance and weight distribution
  • Better accommodates the modern support hand forward rifle hold
  • Rotation limited QD sockets on each side

You can check out my video on the PTS Syndicate KINETIC SCAR MREX M-LOK Rail here:

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