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Welcome back to the blog! I get a lot of questions on social media asking what are the best gloves for small hands are from the ladies and younger players, so today I’m going to go through the best gloves that I’ve found on my airsoft journey. Many of you who know me and have met me in person will have observed how small I am - being only 5”3 and weighing less than 55kg, I am an airsofter of small stature and to go along with it I also have tiny hands. Most tactical gloves, even in the smallest size swamp my hand in extra fabric and make it difficult for me to do fiddly tasks such as re-arming my TRMRs etc so I’ve made it my mission to find a pair that fits perfectly.

Enola Gaye F.U.G Glove

The EG FUG (Field Utility Glove or Fuck You Glove if ya feelin’ nasty!) is a glove made for paintball, airsoft and outdoor activities from Enola Gaye that is touchscreen compatible, comes in a range of colours and has a cute little pistol/sight graphics on the first two fingers as a cheeky FU design feature. The XS size has been sized to my own hand and whilst they are a little roomy around the back of the hand they fit my fingers and wrist well.

The FUG gloves come in 6 colours - black, grey, camo, tan, digicam and olive drab, and in sizes XS-XL. They retail for £19.99 and are available from the EG website and EG retailers!

Photo credit: James Murray
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FUG gloves available here

Valken ZULU Glove

The Valken Tactical Zulu Glove is the most popular glove in Valken’s line of hand protection and it boasts a whole range of features that promote comfort and utility, as well as protection. They are made of a breathable lightweight material that is comfortable, quick-drying and durable, the Kevlar covered knuckles help protect against BB hits and also scrapes/scuffs to knuckles whilst playing as well. They also have some rubber and thicker fabric along the fingers which compliments the Kevlar knuckles and offers extra protection.

The 4 way stretch articulated joints on the small, ring, middle, and index fingers allow for comfortable movement whilst playing, they have a soft absorbing pad on the thumb for sweat – keeping your hands dry and silicone grip pads on the upper palm and index finger, which is a cool feature because they aid grip allowing for easier reloads, removing mags from pouches etc.
How do they fit? I was a little bit sceptical about trying out armoured gloves as I have tried them before and they've absolutely drowned my hands, when I put these on there wasn't any major fit issues. I did find that the little finger of the glove was a little roomy but apart from that, the small size gloves are true to size. The Velcro closure adjustment helps keep the gloves tight around the wrist and top of the hand so they aren’t baggy.

The Zulu glove is available in Black, Olive and Tan and in sizes S to a 2XL. As for price, the Zulu glove retails at $36.95 from the Valken website.

Photo credit: Pewpewpatriot

Photo credit: Pewpewpatriot
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Valken ZULU Gloves available here

PIG FDT Delta Utility Glove

When I was in the States I got the chance to test the PIG full dexterity tactical (FDT) Delta Utility glove, and I was so impressed with the fit/function that I used these gloves for all of my airsoft games/MilSims whilst I was Stateside!

The gloves boast a bunch of awesome features including touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb, single-layer palm for tactile sensitivity, bar-tacked paracord pull loops and they even have a silicon printed grip on the palm for extra grip making them practical and usable for not only airsoft but for other outdoor activities.

Although it may be obvious, what I love the most about these gloves is how they fit! The fold-over construction on the fingers and elastic wrist for quick put on and take off sequence not only make them more comfortable for the user but it also gives them a sleeker, more sophisticated look - nothing like the purpose made airsoft gloves we usually see on the field.

They're easy to put on, quick drying after they've gotten wet and the touchscreen compatible finger and thumb is super useful! Overall, I'm super impressed with them.

The PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves are available in black, coyote, ranger green & carbon grey and are also available in sizes ranging from a small to an xx large the size range is super inclusive. They are available from Tactical Kit for £30.95!

Photo credit: Pewpewpatriot

Photo credit: Pewpewpatriot
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PIG FDT Delta Utility Glove available here

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