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So today I have another review in the Valken HPA series this December and in this post we are going to look at the Universal Tank Pouch – a molle pouch that Valken has specifically designed to hold HPA tanks that is suitable for mounting vertically AND horizontally on battle belt set-ups, and plate carriers.

The universal tank pouch is designed to carry 45ci-90ci air tanks - it has 3 Velcro straps to adjust the pouch to the size of the tank and make it secure when you’re running on the field. It has an elastic strap that pulls up from the bottom and goes over the regulator to keep it in place for extra security when you’re running it horizontally. It’s easy to install, the molle on the tank pouch is a different size to the molle on most plate carriers but that doesn’t pose an issue when attaching the pouch to a plate carrier or belt. It has a reinforced piece at the top, and my only guess for this is that it is to protect the regulator from getting caught during a game or hitting the back of the plate carrier when you’re in motion? I found that my Valken tank fit perfectly in the pouch, but as I have the ultra rig installed on my tank, the regulator did stick out of the pouch a fair bit.

What do I think of the aesthetics? Honestly, I’m not keen on the look – it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing design but it is a product that definitely puts more focus on the functionality and usability of it rather than how it looks. I think it’s pretty cool that you can mount it both vertically and horizontally, this definitely makes it more versatile in regards to loadouts and play styles. So for the players who like to run just a battle belt set-up, it’s a great choice.

The pouches are available in tan, olive and black – I would really like to see these made in the V-Cam to go with my MultiCam plate carrier but, the tan doesn’t look out of place on a MC PC/rig. They are available from the Valken website here for $19.95 which for us Brits is around £14.76 at the current exchange rate which is really affordable for a pouch with such a specific purpose.

Overall, I think Valken have done a great job with the universal tank pouch, although I’m not a fan of how it looks I think its usability and functionality more than makes up for that. It’s not a pouch I would necessarily swap my cargo pack for (which is what I carry my HPA tank in otherwise) but it’s great that a specific pouch for HPA tanks is available for HPA users.

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Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot

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