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Here’s another post in my 2017 favourites series as the year comes to a close and in this post, I’m going to reflect on the loadouts and camouflage patterns that I’ve donned this year and choose my favourite 5! Do you have a recommendation for a camo pattern you think I’d love? Write it in the comments box below so I can check it out!

MultiCam X Wolf Grey

First up is my go-to winter loadout, MultiCam combat trousers/UBAC and a Wolf Grey softshell that keeps me warm at low temperatures. I’ve been developing this loadout since 2015 and keep going back to it as I love the shade of grey and how it breaks up all the MultiCam. It’s warm, super comfortable and probably one of my all-time favourite loadouts! Photography thanks to James Murray.

Lumber-Tac X Ranger Green

Next up is the loadout I wore for the Tora Bora Raid weekender event in August 2017. You can check out my full loadout lowdown post here. The basis of this look is a Primark flannel shirt and ranger green combat trousers, this worked really well with my ranger green TMC plate carrier. What I like about this loadout is that it’s super relaxed and comfortable. It’s also perfect for the summer months as well thanks to how lightweight it is. Photography thanks to Snook Snaps.

M81/US Woodland

M81/US Woodland is my go-to camo for a ‘green’ team loadout. I’ve worn it for every MilSim that I’ve played on the green side. I really like the pattern, the mix of colours and it definitely goes with MultiCam tactical kit and green kit. M81 was the issue camo for US soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors from 1981 until it was replaced in 2006. It features four colours and is a high contrast disruptive pattern. Photography thanks to John Wright.

Camouflage Europe Centrale

CEC (or CCE) is a camouflage that I didn’t even know existed until my trip to Paris in September 2017! It is the issue camouflage for French military and is a four-colour pattern of woodland shapes that is designed for French forests. I wore this camo with a tan plate carrier and a tan softshell as it has more of a brown hue than green and I loved it! Photography thanks to Dye Lifad.

MultiCam Tropic

My overall favourite look of 2017 has to be MultiCam Tropic. I’ve always been a huge fan of MultiCam and so it makes sense that I’m drawn to the other variants. My team and I, Project Cerberus decided early 2017 that this would be our team camo for the year and it hasn’t let us down. I really like how it looks with ranger green, olive drab and also MultiCam plate carriers and tactical kit. MultiCam Tropic was developed to reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in a dense jungle environment that is mostly lush vegetation that isn’t really affected by seasonal changes. Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot.

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