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Last month you saw my review of the Valken Zulu Gloves, well today I’m back with a review on the Zulu’s sister glove, the Sierra II Utility Glove!

Let’s jump into the review with the specs of the gloves first of all! The Sierra II gloves are a lightweight, breathable utility glove which has properties that make it a versatile choice for shooting activities including airsoft. It has a synthetic leather palm for durability and grip – the palm also has a few crosshatched silicon grip areas to give you more tactility.

It features a reinforced trigger finger for durability and it has a band of neoprene-like fabric at the cuff. I found the cuff covered my watch face so it lent a little extra protection to my watch during the game day which is a pretty nifty bonus.   

How do they fit? Unfortunately for me, they’re too big even in the smallest size which I was pretty disappointed with as the Zulu Gloves fit really well. It’s a shame as I do prefer utility gloves over anything armoured or padded because of how much tactility and dexterity they offer the user. Whilst there isn’t too much extra space on the end of the fingers, on the back of the hand/palm they are quite baggy which doesn’t lend itself well to dexterity. I wouldn't recommend these for women and players with small hands but if you don't struggle to find gloves, these would be a good fit. I however would love to see Valken produce these gloves in an extra small size! I think these gloves would be better suited to someone who doesn’t have such dainty hands.

What I like about the gloves is that they are lightweight and relatively thin without being flimsy. I feel like if the gloves fitted my hands better they would have offered me a good range of movement and dexterity but as the gloves were a too big, my hands moved around in them and the extra space on the end of the fingers made it difficult for me to do fiddly tasks such as prime my blank-firing grenades.

They are available in 3 colours: Black, Tan, and Green. I opted for the black pair as they are more likely to go with more of my loadouts. The size range includes size small all the way up to an Extra Large. 

The gloves are available from the Valken website for $14.95 (which is £11.42 at the exchange rate at the moment). I am really impressed with the price point, at just over £11 they are super affordable compared to other utility gloves on the market. Overall, putting the size issue aside, objectively I think Valken have done a good job with the Sierra II gloves but I would love to see them produce these in a smaller size for those of us who have tiny hands and re-evaluate them in another review!

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Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot

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