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So a few weeks back whilst I was playing at my home site West Midlands Airsoft High Command my old faithful torch got shot out! Bummer! Luckily enough, my sponsors at Landwarrior Airsoft came to the rescue and sent me one of the Nuprol NX600S torches just in time for the Femme Fatale Airsoft 3rd birthday weekend!

The NX600S is a full metal construction torch that has bright CREE LED Bulbs and a built-in RIS mount. It comes with both a removable pressure pad and a switchable constant on-off tail cap so you can switch between the two.

The torch is really easy to install - just unscrew the screws, place on the rail, tighten the screws back up and you are done. I tried the torch with both the pressure pad and tail cap, and whilst the tail cap is useful if you want to use the torch separate to a rifle I much prefer using the NX600S with the pressure pad when it is mounted to a rifle. The pressure pad is pretty sensitive which is a positive.

Unfortunately, as the sites we were playing at the weekend were really close, intense CQB sites I didn't get any in-game photos of the torch in game.

How bright is it? It definitely won't be the brightest light on the field but it's still pretty bright. Bright enough to illuminate your way through a dark CQB arena.

It is available in either Black or Tan, I went with the black version as, well black goes with everything doesn't it? As for price, it retails for £37.99 which I think is actually super cheap for a torch with a pressure pad. It's cheap enough to be replaceable if it were to get shot out! It is powered by one CR123A battery (which isn't included) so there is the extra expense of buying the battery but it's only a few quid more.

Overall, I think Nuprol have done a pretty good job on the NX600S - it's a great budget torch especially if you play a lot of CQB. 

You can find the NX600S here

Patrons: Oskar Engstrom & James Smith.

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