Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, with 2016 coming to a very much welcome end (I think we'll all agree 2016 has been an absolute roller coaster!) it's time to reflect on the sites I've played this year and decide on my personal favourites! (I've highlighted personal because this is just my list of favourites from sites I've played, it's not an exhaustive list!) We have some old faithful favourites and some new entries this year! From urban venues to CQB here is my top 5 sites 2016!

Number 5 - The Billet, Ambush Adventures

At number 5 we have The Billet, which is ran by Ambush Adventures and is located in Aldershot, Hampshire. An old favourite of mine, The Billet is an old military barracks which is made up of 2 spider buildings that are absolutely full to the brim with rooms and corridors to fight through with a large outdoor space as well that offers a variety of game play. The firefights are always super intense and I love that this site runs a lot of objective games with props and tech to compliment them! You can check out my full review of the site here

Number 4 - UCAP Sandpit, UCAP Airsoft

A new entry for this year at number 4 is the Sandpit in Dartford, Kent that was the venue for Stirling Airsoft's Operation Broadsword! Unfortunately the Sandpit closed down this year due to redevelopment but I'm sure those who have played the site can attest to how awesome it was! The Sandpit was a vast site that encompassed a quarry, a lake where boats were a regular appearance at game days, buildings for that close CQB  rush and plenty of vegetation and green stuff for those woodland players out there! 

Number 3 - The Gaol, The Gaol Events

Another new entry for 2016! The Gaol in Oakham, Rutland! The Gaol is an old low security prison that comprises of 4 former wings of the prison, and a large outdoor space full of cars, buildings and gated areas to fight through. From the pitch black maze to the kill house made up of an old cell block this site is offers intense CQB. The games played vary from death matches, to objective based games featuring props such as MILAN missile launcher. Check out my full site review here

Number 2 - Wentworth CQB, Skirmish Airsoft

Another new entry! Skirmish Airsoft's Wentworth CQB in Rotherham! The first time I rocked up to this site I was a little confused as to why they'd let us play Airsoft in the Wentworth Estate, but on the Wentworth Estate there is a cluster of 2 storey buildings that were previously student accommodation meaning players get to fight through bedrooms, kitchens, corridors and social rooms in team death matches and objective games. What I love about this site is that it is super, super close room clearance CQB. Check out my full site review here

Number 1 - Strike Force CQB, Strike Force

At Number 1 we have my home site Strike Force CQB in Gloucester. Strike Force is a Victorian warehouse in the heart of Gloucester city centre that contains 2 definitive zones full of kill house structures, a maze, open spaces and of course tonnes of tight corners and spaces to work your way through. With new games constantly being thrown into the mix and the site being rebuilt every month or so it's impossible to get bored and keeps the game play fresh which is why I have chosen this as my top site for 2016! See my full site review here.

Is there any sites you love playing and would recommend? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. Northern alliance airsoft I travel 100miles to play there

  2. Manx airsoft club! mainly locals that visit due to us being on an Island but it is a fantastic site!


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