Hey everyone, so a question I get asked all the time is 'Who's content do you watch/read? etc' so I figured it would be cool to do a mini series of 'Femme Fatale Airsoft's Top 5 Favourites' and I'm kicking it off with my favourite YouTubers, from the well known to the up and coming, here they are:

At number 5 we have Den Chapman, Hench Airsoft!

Den is an up and coming Airsoft YouTuber who I have had the pleasure to play with and against at one of my favourite CQB sites Strike Force CQB in Gloucester, UK - he is a hard hitting player who has an upbeat personality and fast paced, door kicker playing style!

The reason I love Den's videos is the fun, high energy commentary - he knows all the regulars at his favourite haunt Strike Force and has a brilliant rapport with them all. From his videos it's easy to see he plays for the fun and thrill of playing! Really enjoyable to watch - nice one Den!

Check out Den's content here 

At number 4 Will Greenwood, Hype Airsoft!

Next up is another up and coming Airsoft YouTuber who has crossed over from the world of gaming and made his mark in the UK Airsoft community, Will Greenwood. Will is an enthusiastic player with a flare for CQB. Playing against and with him, he is a skilled player who gets a real thrill from those epic killstreaks and sneaky pistol shots.

His videos are entertaining with a high energy commentary and *interesting* animations, they're always fun, engaging and have some awesome kills. 

Check out Will's content here

At number 3 we have Wayne Boltwood, Bodgeups

Wayne is the guy behind England's Number One Airsoft Sniper Channel Bodgeups, from some sneaky shots to crazy Sniper killstreaks Wayne's videos offer viewers their weekly dose of Sniper gameplay footage.

What I love about his videos is definitely the crazy killstreaks he stacks up and the new, varied content he uploads each week. Visiting sites such as Red 1 The Boat and The Sandpit (sites I don't get to play too often), it's great to see gameplay from around the UK and from a different perspective, being a CQB player myself.

Check out Wayne's content here

At Number 2 we Jonathan Higgs, Airsoftology

I have watched Jonathan's videos since I started Airsofting 2 years ago, he does everything from gun and gear reviews to controversial topics and even gameplay, the Airsoftology channel is an Airsofter's go to channel for everything Airsoft, offering his viewers varied and exciting content.

What I love about Jonathan's content is that it offers honest, unbiased and accurate information and reviews that help Airsofters make informed choices about guns, gear and everything in between. 

                         Check out Jonathan's content here

At Number 1 we have my girl, Leah Mattix Del Castillo, The Airsoft Unicorn

Leah is another YouTuber that I have been watching since I started Airsofting and is one of the very first women I found online really growing the online community of female Airsoft players.

From reviews, loadout videos, game play and my personal favourite, her vlogs Leah's channel offers something for all Airsofters, male and female alike.

What I really love about Leah's videos are that they are always fun, entertaining, informative and show other slaydies out there that Airsoft isn't just a boys game anymore. 

Check out Leah's content here

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