This week sees the release of the Nuprol BOCCA suppressor ranges and I popped into the Nuprol office to see the team and get the info on this new line of products. Nuprol are constantly adding new lines to their ever expanding range of high quality products and these are the latest addtions - 5 all new lines of suppressors. 

BOA model

The BOA model from the new Nuprol line of suppressors is made of metal with a sprung foam insert that dampens the muzzle report of Airsoft replicas, this particular line comes with a steel 14mm CCW flash hider to enable a quick detach system - perfect for transitioning from Urban to CQB. The BOA comes in 2 colours - black and bronze and also in 2 lengths to give Airsofters a greater choice for their weapons system. The BOA range has an average retail price of around £25 (do check with individual retailers though!)


The Viper model is the least expensive of the new line of suppressors, coming in at an average retail price of £10 (again do check with individual retailers) and features a metal casing and is threaded both ends to enable the Viper to fit a 14mm CW or CCW thread - very handy if you only want one suppressor but want it to be interchangeable on weapons with different threads. The Viper is an intermediate length suppressor and only comes in black.

Copperhead Series

The Copperhead series is the shortest of the new Nuprol suppressors and instead of being designed to dampen the muzzle sound, it is made to enhance it! Much like the Sound Hog suppressors. The average price for this bad boy is around £15, is made of metal, comes in both black or tan and has a 14mm CCW. This particular suppressor is a huge hit with me, I really like the size and the overall look of the Copperhead series.

Mamba model

The mamba model is very similar to the BOA model except it isn't threaded at both ends, it has the sprung foam insert to dampen muzzle report, a metal casing and a 14mm CCW metal quick detach flash hider. This model also comes in at around the £25 mark. 


The Cobra is by far my favourite out of the new suppressor range, I love the aesthetics of this model! This model is full metal and is designed to quickly attach/detach to an M4/M16 Birdcage flash hider, which is a standard flash hider for many M4/M16 Airsoft replicas. This model also comes in around the £25 mark.

The new range of suppressors is fab and are all priced extremely competitively so I think these will be a big hit amongst Airsofters.

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