Cloud 9 Combat Ring Pull Smoke Grenade Review!

Once again the ladies at Cloud 9 Combat kindly sent me a care package of their new branded C9 Ring Pull Smoke Grenades to test and review for the Warzone Battle Simulation's Operation Cryptkicker!

So let's start with the facts - they're low toxicity and CE rated meaning they can be used at most UK Airsoft sites (although do check with individual sites before unleashing them!). The C9 Ring Pull smokes provide players with 60 seconds of dense smoke coverage with a ring pull ignition system that is more reliable than the conventional strike to ignite system. The grenades are available in 4 colours - white, red, green and yellow (Although I got a little over enthusiastic at the MilSim and only have white grenades left to photograph - sorry everyone!)

I have previously reviewed C9s 90 second Maxi Smoke grenades (you can read that post here) which performed really well so it is great to compare the two, firstly, the ring pull ignition is a lot easier to use, especially with gloves on and there isn't a striker to lose so this is a big plus! The quality of the product is identical to the Maxi - the smoke is dense and provides a good smoke screen of cover when moving from positions, I really like the colours but I do much prefer the Ring Pulls - they are a lot easier to ignite than their strike to ignite sister product. Again, as with the Maxi's, my only complaint about this product is the smell - it has a very strong Sulphur smell that other brands do not - this however is down to the recipe.

Overall, the Ring Pull smokes are a winner for me, with for their ease of use and dense coverage. It would be good to test these against other brands but that is a post for another day! Huge thank you to the team at Cloud 9 Combat!

Photo credit to Henry Nicholson

Photo credit to John Wright

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