'Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready'

So Concept Tactical have done it again! From the creators of the original TRMR comes the next generation in the TRMR family – the vibrant TRMR-E1. Over the last 2 years we have seen many generations of TRMR – the original, the multi-shot, the x4 and now the E1.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the TRMR, it stands for Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready and was originally designed as a multipurpose munitions system for use on maritime vessels by law enforcement etc that deploys a range of munitions, but for us Airsofters it is the fastest and safest inertia fired impact grenade on the market to date, it uses a twist to arm safety system (T.T.A.S) meaning it is completely safe until armed and it deploys a wide variety of commercially available blanks that create a bang and a flash of light. The munitions the X4 E1 can deploy are as follows: .209 primers, 9MM blanks, 8MM blanks 12 gauge and the new Magflash rounds which means it boasts the most universal base on the market. They are currently stocked by JD Airsoft, the UK’s largest Airsoft Retail Superstore based on Green Lane in Cannock, West Midlands and they are priced at £84.99 for all colours and the multi-shot base can be purchased separately for £29.99 but is only available in black, however Concept Tactical have plans to roll them out to more retailers in the near future.
Let’s talk about the facts! The new E1 is the enhanced version of the TRMR and has significant improvements on its predecessors including a new firing mechanism that is 30% more sensitive and gives an enhanced kinetic energy transfer to its firing pin, meaning the TRMR can now operate from a drop height of just 30cm rather than the 50cm we are used to. It has a new tri-lock bearing safety system that completely locks the firing pin until the T.T.A.S is within 2mm of the full arm position so no matter how hard the device is bumped or even if it is unintentionally dropped, it will not go off unless it is armed and it features a new stainless steel base cap with a new profiled pin hole to make using the multi-shot easier! I have used every generation of the TRMR from the original to the multi-shot and one problem I found with the multi-shot base is that when the TRMR is deployed and .209 primer detonates, the primer would swell and make it difficult to move the selector, but the new profiled pin gives the primer more space within the chamber and should therefore remedy that issue. The E1 measures around 4 inches from base to firing pin and fits in standard 40mm grenade pouches.
The new E1s come in an all new range of vibrant colours – Obsidian Black, Viridius Green, Citrus Green, Rosso Red, JD Orange, Battle Brown, Tyrian Purple, Royal Blue and Aureus Gold. Although I am disappointed to see there isn’t a pink TRMR in the range, there is no doubt that the new colours are absolutely stunning – ‘too good looking to chuck’ is an understatement! The overall aesthetics are greatly improved and aid the usage of the device. The enhanced mid body texturing and machined cut outs give you added grip and assist with reloading, one of the most notable new additions to the enhanced E1 is the dual machined shield sections that are located on the top of the device which have been designed to aid users remove the device from pouches and to aid with single hand arming and deployment. These shield sections can also be engraved with team logos, names etc by JD Airsoft for an additional fee.
Now those are the facts, but how does it look, feel and perform? I love the new look, it
still retains the TRMR’s signature shape but everything from the colours to the new machined details, it is a stunning piece of kit and with the new shield sections, the engravings are clearer, sharper and this means that more detailed designs can be engraved, so you can really make it your own! One thing that makes the TRMR stand heads and shoulders above the competition for me is its clean design and the fact there are no pins or levers to lose/damage (the T.T.A.S removes the need for these) is a major plus. It has a good weight behind it thanks to the aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel. The X4 base is anodised and the firing pin is hardened to milspec standards so it can be loaded with a variety of munitions without compromising the integrity of the device, all these little details add to the look, feel and reliability. The new texture helps aid with grip – especially when wearing gloves and arming it singlehandedly.
I tested the TRMR in both a skirmish situation and also in a controlled environment, and I am seriously impressed with how it performed! Admittedly in the earlier generations of the TRMR and there have been situations where I’ve thrown my armed TRMR and it has failed to deploy, although these were few and far between it was still an issue. With the new firing mechanism, I’m pleased to say this didn’t happen – I deployed my TRMR around 12 times over the course of the day and it performed flawlessly but 12 throws isn’t enough to base a review on so I took the TRMR and a pack of primers into a controlled environment and set about putting some rounds through it! Now throwing the device 50 times, without the rush of CQB wasn’t the most exciting task, I admit but after each throw I was more and more impressed with the reliability of the E1! It failed to detonate just once out of the 62 throws it went through that day! Very, very good odds!
Overall, I am seriously impressed with the new generation of the TRMR and I have found it difficult to find any negatives, my only complaint is that it doesn’t come in pink! It is an affordable impact grenade (adding the mulit-shot base does make it a little more expensive) and the most versatile on the market, along with the safest! It is easy to use – both to reload and deploy, and I’m extremely impressed with the reliability thanks to the improved internal mechanism! I am really looking forward to putting this through more skirmishes and even using the Magflash rounds in my next MilSim!
Purchase details:
Online at: www.jdairsoft.net or instore at:
JD AirsoftUnit 5 Virage ParkGreen LaneWalsall RoadCannockStaffordshireWS11 0NH
Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 9am - 5pm, Thurs 9-8pm, Sun 10am - 4pm

Hardwick, K. (2016). Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready. Airsoft Action. 60 (April), 68-69.

* Note after publication: The TRMR E1 is now available in pink! JD/Concept Tactical very kindly sent 15 to the anodisers! These are available to purchase on the website and in store - but be quick! Once they're gone, they're gone!

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