Femme Fatale Airsoft's Op Essentials

Hey everyone! So I get a lot of messages from women who are interested in trying out MilSim style Ops but are unsure what to take so I thought I'd put together a list of items that I swear by on Ops lasting more than 24 hours. Now there's no getting round the fact that MilSim style Ops are different for women - we have different needs to men and this is reflected in the differences in kit that we take. My toiletry bag for MilSim style Ops is entirely based on comfort - during a long Op I want to be as comfortable as possible (or as comfortable as the Op will allow me to be!) 

Batiste Dry Shampoo.

First on my list is dry shampoo! There are tonnes of brands out there but my personal favourite is Batiste - it is by far the best dry shampoo I have used and they have a comphrehensive range of products for different hair colours, different looks and a huge range of fragrances to choose from, My personal favourite is blush. I usually wear my hair in french plaits for Ops to keep my hair out of the way and generally more manageable but as many of you will know, wearing a helmet and rain/wind can quickly bring about greasy locks which is not only uncomfortable but not amazing for your skin. A couple of sprays of this helps keep my hair in check!

 Miscellar water

Miscellar cleansing water is something relatively new to the beauty industry and it has become a staple item in my toiletry bag. Miscellar water is perfect for times when they're isn't a running water supply to cleanse your face ie camping and Ops! This miracle stuff gets the days dirt and grease out of your pours and doesn't need to be washed off so it's super covienient. It can be used on the eyes and lips as well which is a definite bonus. I always carry a pack of cotton wool pads with this. It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh without having to splash super cold water all over my face and risk getting my kit wet. My favourite brand for this is Garnier, and I usually buy the big bottles from Superdrug so they last me a while! 

Johnson's baby wipes

Johnson's baby wipes are a great all-round item that can be used to removed make up (even from the eyes as they're so gentle), as hygiene wipes and also to give your body a quick wipe down during an Op. When there's no showers, I still want to feel fresh and not smell like roadkill and these do a pretty good job! I also use them to clean gear and shoes. Trust me after 15-16 hours in the field there is nothing better than wiping your feet down with one of these badboys and putting on a pair of fresh socks!

Johnson's baby powder

Another product of Johnson's that is really useful is their baby powder (or talc!) I've picked up a lot of tips and tricks over my time in Airsoft and this is one of the golden ones, there are multiple uses for this product during an op - if you have no dry shampoo, rub some talc in your hands and massage into your scalp, this will instantly freshen your hair up! Another use for this is when your feet are cold and wet, massage some talc onto them - it'll dry them out wonderfully and leave them smelling fresh.


I carry this item in my purse wherever I go, after a stint on Roaccutane (acne medication) my lips suffered horrifically and became incredibly dry, often cracking and bleeding. This was an absolute miracle worker for those 10 months I was on the medication and I've found that even though my lips are back to normal, the prolonged cold and wind exposure at MilSim events can cause my lips to become dry and cracked - although the lip therapy pocket size containers are more convenient they are a little more expensive than the regular vaseline tubs.

Simple Kind to Skin light moisturiser 

I use this in my daily skin care routine because it is light and absorbs quickly, it doesn't block pours and it isn't full of rubbish that will harm your skin! It keeps your skin hydrated for up to 12 hours but I always find a top up throughout the day. It's not greasy which is fab for people with blemish prone skin like myself! This moisturiser is meant for the face but I find it really useful for the neck and hands too!

 Nivea Double Effect 24h deoderant 

I love this deoderant for Ops! It's fragrant and lasts for up to 24 hours, and the roll on rather than the spray means I'm not choking my team mates out in our room/tents! There's not really much else to say about that one, haha. Short and sweet!

 Femfresh hygiene wipes

Apparently, openly admiting to using feminine hygiene products is embarrassing? Fortunately for my followers I don't find owning a vagina and wanting to keep it clean embarrassing or shameful *inserts appropriate sassy emoji* When there are no showers or baths at an Op, I use these to keep myself feeling fresh and clean. These are quite expensive, baby wipes are a cheaper option that does the same thing.

Shewee Extreme

This is by far one of the most useful Op purchases I have made. Never in my life did I think I'd be using a Shewee, let alone writing a blog post about one! These ingenius inventions are perfect for when there are no portaloos (or the poortaloos are so awful you can't bring yourself to go in!), or it's just too cold and you don't want the inconvenience of removing clothes to pee. I purchased my Shewee extreme from Amazon for £11, the regular Shewee comes without the case and extension tube but I found the tube really useful. I was told that it's best to train yourself in the shower to use these as the risk of the funnel overflowing is real! Haha. Cleaning them at events can be tricky, but I carry a 500ml bottle of water mixed with dettol to clean it properly! (You've probably guessed by now, I'm a clean freak!)

Smoothing Serum

I swear by this item when my hair is being less than well behaved at an Op, the smoothing serum prevents it becoming tangled and knotty if I wear my hair down. There are cheaper options such as Tesco's own smoothing serum which does the same job but this one smells lush!

There are also lots of other items in my kit bag that are pretty self explanatory and basic such as hand santiser etc 

If you have any Op tips and essential products, leave them in the comments below! I'd love to hear them!


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