WE Gen 4 Glock 18C Full Auto GBB Pistol Review!

Hey everyone! This article is my thoughts on the WE Gen 4 Glock 18C GBB pistol. In January I went to my local airsoft store with my birthday money in hand to see if anything there caught my eye! Whilst looking at Pistols in the glass cases, I came across the WE Glock 18C. I think you may have gathered that aesthetics are very important to me when it comes to my gear, I like it to be colourful with matching attachments - gone are the newbie days where I would attach black accessories to my FF26 Pink Storm! Although it's not a colourful gun, I've seen lots of people on Instagram getting them Hydrodipped or Cerakoted in gorgeous shades such as Tiffany blue so the possibilities for this gun and really making it my own were plentiful. The Glock 18C has clean lines and isn't too fussy. It comes with 2 sets of different back grips so it's very ergonomic and fits nicely in your hand. I have kept the original set on.

It measures a reasonable 202mm in length with a barrel length of  115mm and is quite weighty when the mag is inserted. It features an adjustable hop up system and semi/full auto firing modes. The magazine included holds 24 6mm BBs, but if like me you're a little trigger happy, investing in the extended mag or alternatively a bundle of regular mags will enable you to run this pistol for an entire skirmish. The FPS is around 300-330 FPS using 0.2g 6mm BBs and red gas. Red 3.0 gas is Nuprol's recommended gas for the blowback pistols
 The attachments I chose for my Glock are a mock suppressor, for this I needed a clockwise to anticlockwise adapter which works fine however it does work itself loose over time - I just make sure to tighten it up before a skirmish. I am also hoping to get an under barrel torch and maybe a red dot? I'm not sure about the red dot. We'll see haha!
This is my Femme Fatale loadout, which I plan on running at Tac House this weekend! My Glock, TRMR and a knife for some tacticool knife kills!
Now let's get down to the shooting! This is a video from my YouTube channel of me shooting the Glock at my local gun range. This pistol has great recoil and is super accurate despite that, packs a real punch and the full auto! It's all about the full auto. The sound and rate of fire is enough to make sure anyone who was running towards you is now running the opposite way. My only gripe is that sometimes when using red gas the gun doesn't cycle very well in the cold weather, which means I have had to use black 4.0 gas (this isn't recommended) to get a decent run out of it when the temp dips below 2 degrees. When the weather is warmer, it cycles perfectly on red gas. I am currently using 0.28g Nuprol BBs which packs a nice punch. I am really pleased with this fab little, affordable pistol and I'm really looking forward to running just this loadout on sunday :D

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