Pink TRMR by Concept Tactical Review.

Hey folks!
Here's a review about my newly purchased, rare Pink TRMR Impact Grenade by Concept Tactical! Now I know what you're thinking! 'Pink eurgh!', 'I bet that doesn't pack a punch' etc but believe me, the colour only makes it prettier (and more humiliating when it kills 8 of your team simultaneously ;)

So the TRMR is an impact grenade made by Concept Tactical. The TRMR - Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready was designed as a multipurpose munitions delivery system for use on Maritime vessels, as we all know normal grenades have a tendency to create massive holes in everything and anything they come into contact with - not ideal if you're at sea haha. It is made from aircraft grade alluminium and stainless steel, so very sturdy and weighty. The munitions the device can deliver range from 12 gauge Magflash rounds to CS Chemical RIP rounds. When the TRMR is deployed, it discharges its payload when it makes contact with the deck/floor. Once the munitions have been deployed and the room is cleared, the device can then be retrieved and reloaded. This is currently the fastest reloadable inertia device on the market.
One of the main features that drew me to this product was that it had no silly pins or levers to lose! As I can be quite clumsy and knowing my luck I'd lose them! The T.T.A.S system inertia recoil firing system ensures that the device only detonates on contact with a hard surface from a height of 50cm. Which as well as being very safe can sometimes be a little inconvenient, it would be unfair of me to write this review without recognising the fact that sometimes the firing system isn't struck right and the TRMR doesn't go off. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. I'd say about 1/20 throws. I thought it had happened to me the last game I played but it turned out that I threw the grenade whilst it was on safe...yeah.
So let's talk about how to arm and unarm the TRMR. You arm the device by unscrewing the base cap and priming it with your chosen munitions - for airsoft we use .209 shotshell primers which pack a nice little punch! Once the munitions are loaded, screw the base cap on. To deploy the munitions, twist the top half of the TRMR clockwise until it stops and so that the red band is visible on the top of the device, then lob it. Retrieve, twist, empty, reload, arm, lob it. Easy as that! Although I do recommend taping a glowstick to your grenade to make it retrieval easier and only arming it immediately before throwing it, as any sudden shock to the device could cause it to unleash its payload early!
Price - The TRMRs start at £79.99 and the .209 primers are £6.99 for 100 from which is very cheap when compared to the price of a standard disposable grenade at £3.00 a pop! Meaning that each bang will cost you less than 7p. 

  • Cute.
  • As the pink model was very limited, my device is easy to recognise.
  • Individual serial numbers, so even if they do get mixed up you can identify yours!
  • Costs less than 7p per bang.
  • Safe.
  • Lighter than some other grenades on the market.
  • Doesn't require gas or BBs, just shotshell primers.
  • Easy to reload.
  • Great for CQB/Urban games.
  • Awesome.
  • High initial cost.
  • Not great for Woodland games.
  • Doesn't always fire.
  • Heavy.
  • Could be easily lost.
Here is a vid that the guys at JD airsoft made to showcase the TRMR, I'll leave you with that!
- Kelly xo

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