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Welcome back to the blog! I recently had the opportunity to put the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8" Bravo through its paces, and after using it for a game or two, I’m ready to give my opinion on this budget-friendly AEG. 

The BRAVO series of AEGs from Delta Armory promise high-quality internals at a budget-friendly price point but does it deliver? This series of AEGs aims to strike an excellent balance between metal and polymer construction. Key components such as the handguard, sling swivel, CNC type A trigger, and outer barrel are all constructed from sturdy metal, providing the rifle with a solid feel. The remaining parts are crafted from impact-resistant polymer, ensuring a lightweight build without sacrificing durability. 

Externally, at the front of the rifle, we have a mock suppressor that has been mounted on a 14mm CCW thread (meaning it can be removed to add a tracer unit or a longer aftermarket suppressor), this is recessed into the 8” tan handguard that has picatinny rails on all four sides. This gives the user plenty of attachment points for forgeries, PEQ boxes etc. It has a 22mm RIS rail that spans the length of the rail system and receiver. This rail offers the perfect mount for any optics. Next we have a Delta Armory branded receiver with an ergonomic pistol grip and at the back of the rifle there is a 6 point adjustable stock that is customisable to the shooter.

Internally, the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8” boasts a lot of great features including a reinforced V2 gearbox with steel gears and 7mm bearings, designed to withstand the stress of M120 to M130 springs for an extended period. An SHS Piston with 14 metal teeth and an SHS Tappet Plate also make an appearance alongside a 6.03mm precision barrel. Another noteworthy feature is the QRS AEG engine and a quick change spring, ensuring easy maintenance and upgrades as you evolve as a player. The inclusion of a Hop-Up rotation chamber allows for fine tuning of shots.

A Delta Armory branded box smartly presents the AR15 Silent Ops 8” with a combination of black and red accents. Upon unboxing, you immediately notice how lightweight the AEG is, there’s no rattling or instability exhibiting great build quality. It is a standard size M4 so it would be perfect for all airsoft environments including CQB. I’m not a fan of tan anything really, but in certain lights this half tan, half black replica is closer to DFE (Dark Flat Earth) than tan. Aesthetically, I like the recessed suppressor.

So, how does it shoot? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. I tested it using an 7.4v Lipo as I was a little cautious as it doesn’t have a built-in MOSFET, and it was consistent/had no feed issues but it didn’t sound great and it a slow rate of fire however when it was tested in the field, I used an 11.1v Lipo and that rate of fire/sound was much improved. When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 335 FPS on 0.20g BBs which is perfect for any site in the UK.

In the box, you get the Delta Armory AR15 Silent Ops 8 inch Bravo AEG, a Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of 300 BBs, flip-up iron sights, and a silencer to complete the tactical look of your rifle. As for cost, it retails for £209.95 from Airsoft Direct, I think this is a great price point for what you get.

Post sponsored by Delta Armory UK
Studio photos by Krios Photography

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