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Welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to be looking at my newest piece of tactical kit - the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MkV.

The Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MkV is a small, lightweight and versatile chassis that can be used as either a magazine placard on a plate carrier or as the main component for a chest rig when other Spiritus Systems or compatible components are used such as the fat straps. The MkV from Spiritus is a single-cell placard-style chassis that is built from all-new materials with brand-new manufacturing processes.

Let’s chat about the construction - the MkV features MOLLE on the front and sides to increase carrying capacity by accommodating the attachment of additional magazine pouches and inside the main cell of the MkV it is lined on both sides with loop velcro to take Spiritus Systems magazine and other compatible inserts (those from companies such as Viper, One Tigris and Emerson Gear. The stitching, as we’d expect from an industry giant, is impeccable.

To enable it to be attached to plate carriers, it has 2 clips on at the top removable clips for the sides and it is backed with hook Velcro. This hook Velcro backing also enables users to run a dangler pouch.

Mine arrived from Tactical Kit in a clear plastic zip-lock bag to protect it during shipping (and storage) labelled with the brand and model of the Chassis, with the removable clips inside alongside it. On getting the MkV out of the bag, you can tell that it's super lightweight and the materials feel of good quality. I decided that this was going to go on my Phantom Gear “Wraith” T3 Plate Carrier as a mag placard so I went about attaching it and it was really easy - I clipped in the two clips on the top of the Chassis into the plat carriers clips and then removed the loop Velcro backing from the back of the chassis and it was good to go.

To insert my chosen inserts, I always insert the mags into the inserts before I do anything else, then I do a little trick where I fold 2 pieces of A4-sized paper in half and put them into the chassis, then I pop in the insert and position it. When I’m happy with the placement I remove one piece of paper, press the insert onto the side with the exposed loop Velcro, then remove the other side and press again. You can watch this gear hack on TikTok here.

I’ve been running it in this set-up for a few weeks now, and I think the MkV chassis fits really nicely onto my plate carrier, and honestly, it looks the tits. I love the new design - I think it’s aesthetically pleasing, looks modern and still retains its usability. It’s easy to set up as both a placard and as a chest rig (as the removable clips just slide on). The construction is sound, as of course we’d expect and the price point is pretty good (more on that later). I think Spiritus has done a stellar job with this.

It comes in Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey and Woodland which is a great selection of camouflages and colourways. With this kind of offering, there is definitely a chassis for any loadout. I have the Ranger Green colourway.

From Spiritus Systems, it retails for $49.95, but for those of us in the UK we also have to factor in shipping and customs so purchasing it from a UK retailer, such as Tactical Kit is more cost-effective. At Tactical Kit, it retails for £54.99 plus P&P. It is worth noting that, before you consider purchasing a Spiritus Systems Chassis, this rig is a fully modular platform that is sold in parts and not as a complete unit. Although this is by no means a bad thing. It allows you to build the chassis to your own specifications. So this price is just for the Chassis alone and does not include any accessories such as the fat straps or inserts.

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