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Welcome back to the blog! This month is all about shotguns, shotguns and more shotguns so in this post we’ll be looking at the Golden Eagle M870 Breacher from Extreme Airsoft

The M870 Breacher from Golden Eagle is a gas-powered airsoft shotgun that is mostly constructed from alloy. Everything except the pistol grip and pump handle (which are made from a high-density polymer) is made from an alloy that gives it a good weight and a feeling of durability. It is a tri-burst design that has been based on the M870 and is capable of firing three or six BBs per shot. 

At the front of the shotgun, we have a brass bead sight to aid with aim and a shell holder which can be accessed by unscrewing the front cap on the fake magazine tube - meaning you can store an extra 2 shells. The M870 Breacher also features a trigger lock safety that can be found near the trigger and is ambidextrous in the sense that it is easily accessible from either side of the shotgun. Atop of the pistol grip is an integrated sling loop allowing for the use of one-point slings (making this an easily carried secondary for snipers, DMRs and LMG users).

Now we’ve got the details on the build, let’s chat about usability! Out of the box, even for a player new to the airsoft shotgun platform, it is easy to get going. The gas reservoir is located in the pistol grip and it can be filled by the valve that is on the bottom of the grip. In the box, there are 3 airsoft shotgun shells included, and these can be loaded by either hand (which is a really slow process) or with a speedloader. Each shell holds 30 rounds which works out to be 10 pumps per shell in 3rnd mode. To insert a shell, players need to press the release lever that is near the trigger and this will open the breach cover. The shell is then inserted into the slot until it clicks and locks in place, the door can then be closed and you’re ready to rock and roll. To remove an empty shell, just press the breach cover release and pull back the pump handle. Inside the breach is also where you can change the firing mode, there is a small switch that will let you select three or six-shot mode.

The racking noise is super satisfying and probably my favourite thing about this airsoft shotgun, it sounds pretty realistic and is bound to turn some heads as you rip through a CQB site with it. As for range, despite its compact size, it does have a fair bit of range that would be suitable for most CQB sites and would be a great secondary for a sniper/DMR in a woodland scenario incase your opponents got a little too close for comfort but I think you would struggle just using this in a woodland game. I think it looks great and is a super affordable alternative to the TM870 Breacher. If you like your shottys short and without a stock this is definitely something you should check out. I personally prefer a stock so it can be shouldered but there’s already one of those in the Golden Eagle M870 range of shotguns.

In the box, you get the Golden Eagle M870 Breacher Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun, 3 airsoft shotgun shells, a cleaning/unjamming rod and a speedloader to get you going. From Extreme Airsoft, this gas powered shot retails for £159.99 which is such a good price point considering just how close it is to the TM870 Breacher (which can retail for up to £300!). You can save an extra 5% using my code ‘femmefatale’ at the checkout (not an affiliate, just saving you cash)!

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