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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and it’s on the Viper VX Buckle Up Mag Rig that I featured in my Viper VCAM VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Set-Up. 

The VX Buckle Up Mag Rig from Viper is a practical and affordable way of expanding your plate carriers load capacity. It has 3 front single rifle mag pouches and 3 front single pistol mag pouches that are secured with elastic bungee cords with cord locks. It’s fully compatible with the Viper VX Buckle Up system and has a hook-and-loop attachment at the back. The rifle pouches will fit both 7.62 and 5.56mm magazines so it’s also versatile. 

The material quality of the rig is definitely durable enough for airsoft - the clips are fairly strong and the mag rig comes with elastic loops to protect the clips (great for when a BB hits them!). Although I’m not 100% sure, I believe it’s made from Cordura fabric like many of the other pieces in Vipers range. 

I did make a small modification to my Mag Rig - I’ve cut the bungee cords a lot shorter and sealed the ends by burning them, just because when you first get the rig there is a lot of extra bungee. I made sure my mags have enough to be secured with then loosened the bungee cord a little and just cut. This isn’t totally necessary but it does make your kit look a lot tidier. 

It is easy to install on the Viper VX Gen 2 Plate Carrier, all you need to do is take it off the Velcro backing, slap it on and buckle it up. Once it’s on it’s ready to be loaded up and the rifle mag pouches perform their job well - they have good retention when tightened and it is easy to put the mags back in. The pistol mag pouches aren’t bad but they did have one flaw. The back of pistol mag pouches aren’t sewn or secured so when I’ve gone to put a mag back in them in ahurry, the bottom of the mags have caught the material and pushed it down into the pouch - this means the mags aren’t totally secured which isn’t a problem if you aren’t super active but if you’re anything like me and get stuck in, this could result in the loss of mags. It also could just be me being a bit too rough with my mags but it is something to take into consideration. I think if Viper secured the back of the pistol mags they would perform great. 

It’s available in Black, Titanium, Green, Coyote and VCAM (Viper’s version of Multicam) and retails for £26.95. 

This isn’t my favourite piece of kit from Viper, there are improvements that could be made to help it perform better.

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