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Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm continuing with my loadout posts and in this blog post we'll be looking at the Viper Hood loadout I wore for West Midlands Airsoft The FOB!

Let's first talk about what I am using as concealment: a Viper Hood (this one is from Wish.com - don't @ me). A Viper Hood is a method of concealment that is ideal for snipers as it hides the shape of the human body and allows the user to blend in with the surroundings. They're generally one size fits all but have adjustable pull cords throughout the cuffs. This Viper Hood covers the head, shoulders and majority of the back. It is made of what feels to be mesh and has attachment points for ghillie yarn. It's important to be aware that Viper Hoods do not already come with the ghillie yarn attached - that is something you do yourself, but this means it is easily customisable. 

The glasses I'm wearing for this loadout (and the ones I wear for most of my loadouts) are the Wiley X Saber Advanced. They're made from Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses that meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010 high velocity and high mass impact standards. I opted for the set with amber, vermillion and tinted lenses but I usually wear the vermillion lenses. They feature a T-Shell Lens coating that prevents scratches. They also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. I've been using these for around 3 years and they've never let me down. On the Wiley X EMEA website, you can get money off by using the code 'AFAIRSOFT' (affiliate code).

On my torso, I'm wearing the Propper BDU coat – it is a classic, military BDU inspired uniform shirt that's packed with features. From the 4 large buttoned cargo pockets, reinforced elbow patches, the flap covered button up front to its tough shrink and wrinkle resistant polycotton ripstop fabric mean it is a classic style BDU that is made to last. The pockets are large and spacious so can hold a lot of items without too much of an issue, I feel like they would be especially good for keeping copies of maps and small notepads during MilSims for easy access (obviously don’t leave your intel in them because that’s the first place the enemy team will look!)

For the trousers, I'm wearing the Viper Tactical Gen 2 Elite Trousers in US Woodland, which make huge improvements on the originals and boast a bunch of new features, including improved removable ABS knee pads! These new Elite trousers are a dupe of a very popular style of trousers/pants but are super affordable.

Besides the style, the first thing that strikes me about these new combat pants is that they are packed with pockets for storage! Featuring: two roomy cargo pockets with inner felt lined utility compartments, two hand-warmer pockets, two rear pockets, and two front thigh pockets. The pockets are placed in convenient locations and easy to reach in-game. The most useful for my own style of gaming is definitely the cargo pockets - they’re really roomy and secure well so I don’t lose any of my bits and bobs on the field.

One feature that was absent from the previous version, and definitely adds to the aesthetics is the V-Stretch material panels that are located around the knees and seat for better movement. The material is an accent colour which gives the trousers a high-end look but they aren’t there to just look good, they make the trousers so much more usable. As the originals didn’t have any stretch fabric, they relied on the little stretch the trouser fabric had, which meant they didn’t have a huge amount of movement. This stretch fabric makes these so comfortable to wear even when I’m crouching and getting into some really uncomfortable positions to get the shot.

The Gen 2 Elite Trousers feature removable ABS knee pads but the design is a major improvement on the originals. Instead of being hard plastic, they are now a flexible almost rubber feel plastic that moulds to your knees much better. They also look better. Like the originals though, they still have knee pad height adjusters in front thigh pockets which means I don’t get ‘thighcaps’!

In regards to the fit of them, as I wear a UK 8/10 (depending on the brand) I opted for a 30” waist. My waist sits at dead on 29” so opting for the 30” gives me. an extra inch for movement. They feature a padded waistline panel for added comfort, so when you’re leaning and there is pressure on the waistline it doesn’t dig in like some other brands and they have velcro retention for knee and cuffs.

For my tac vest I'm wearing the Small Modular Plate Carrier’ from LBX, or the 0300S as it is more commonly known in the airsoft community. The 0300S is the compact model of LBX’s popular Modular Plate Carrier. As the name suggests the carrier has 360 modular webbing, on the front panel, back panel, and the cummerbund so players can customise their carrier on all sides to their needs/preferences. The top rows of webbing on the front panel also have hook Velcro so you can show off your favourite patches. 

Although it doesn’t come with plates as stock, the carrier can take 8x10 plates if players want to add a little bit of weight or help keep the shape when it isn’t in use. It features a heavy-duty drag handle which is probably more applicable in real-world application than airsoft but it's there if you need to quickly drag your mates out of a firefight. It also has hydration/comms guides on the front and rear panels to keep hydration system and communication systems organised and of course to prevent any loose cables being snagged during use – after all, no one likes catching their lines on door handles!

The 0300S is fully adjustable - the cummerbund is adjustable between 32" and 46", and as my waist is 29” it fits snuggly but still gives me enough room to wear the carrier over a softshell or hoodie as I would in the winter. As the cummerbund also has Velcro closure it can be securely fastened. The carrier also features adjustable shoulder straps which means the operator can adjust where it sits on the torso. Both shoulder straps have padded strap coverings which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time even when the carrier is loaded up. So we know it’s adjustable, but how does it fit? This is the main selling point for me! I’ve found very few plate carriers that can comfortably fit my small frame and contour my waist and chest but the 0300S does the job. As I’ve said, the cummerbund fits my waist pretty snug but still leaves me enough room to be worn over a light jacket or hoodie. The overall size looks/feels right on my torso and without plates, it fits the contours of my body.

I've accessorised my 0300S with the Triple HSGI Taco Modular Panel in Ranger Green from the LBX – the RG compliments the MAS Grey really well, it has 3 x M4 mag pouches and 3 x pistol mag pouches. I've also used the HSP SACK pouch to expand the carrying capacity.

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