Hey ladies and gents!

Welcome back to the blog! Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the post front, as many of you know, Enforcetac 2020 and IWA 2020 were due to be held in Nuremberg last week so I was hella busy preparing for the shows but, due to the escalating threat of COVID19, they were postponed.

On the 1st March, another issue of 6MM ACTUAL went live! 6MM ACTUAL is where you can read the best of the monthly 'Femme Fatale Airsoft' blogs and get bonus content exclusive to our monthly downloadable. Online or offline, you can get your airsoft media fix! In the March issue, we have a review on the Viper Tactical Mesh Tech Armour Top, the Specna Arms SA-G11, an event report on Desertfox Events: Battle for Lost Angeles 2020 and a piece on the new EPM1 from PTS Syndicate! 

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