Over the last few months, I’ve been testing some new kit from a company called One Tigris. OTG was created in 2014 and they are a China-based gear manufacturer who manufactures outdoor, airsoft, EDC and K9 kit that’s great quality and is really affordable. I first became aware of OTG in 2017 when the OTG 4.5” Tactical Foldable Half Face Mask was released - they were one of the first companies to manufacture face protection specifically for women, teenagers and Asian players. The original design for this mask was 6” from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the chin - for the women’s version they shaved 1.5” off to make the mask more comfortable for players with a smaller face. This mask became my ‘go-to’ face protection purely because it was so comfortable and fit well.

Fast forward to 2018 and One Tigris secured the license to make their own version of the T’Farge Comfort Mask by Division SIX. Division SIX is a one-man band from the UK who designs and makes face protection for airsoft. Nikira’s designs are unique and developed through his own experiences with face protection. Each of his masks are made by hand but with this comes a higher price tag. This is where OTG come in, by taking on the license for this mask they have made the mask more accessible for the player. The OTG licensed Division SIX T’Farge Comfort Mask is a half-face mask that has padded sides and a TPU polymer bridge to protect the nose. It isn’t exactly the same as the Division SIX mask as it has slight modifications including thicker padding on the sides and it’s also smaller to cater to Asian, female and teenage players. OTG claim it offers a better fit and an excellent fog-free airsoft experience than other masks on the market, but does it do what is claimed? 

The TPU material that covers the bridge of the nose has been tested to 800FPS impact resistance (tested between -10 degrees C and 42 degrees C), it also allows for breathability thanks to the cutouts and it has a rubber seal on the inside of the mask to keep players goggles clear. The fabric used is nylon (for the black and green versions) and 500D Cordura (for the MultiCam version) and this is for durability as it offers great dirt, water and abrasion resistance. On the inside of the fabric is the padded mesh breathability lining for player comfort. It has adjustable double head straps for comfort and to prevent the mask from slipping. It’s also a super light-weight piece of kit, weighing in at only 100g and it folds up small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your gear bag and is easy to carry around.

Upon receiving the mask it comes neatly packaged in a resealable clear/textile bag with a tag to let you know that it is a licensed product. The construction materials feel of great quality and the stitching is neat/tidy, the overall construction of the mask is very good. Aesthetically, I think it looks great as well. The ladies size is very much appreciated as well.

I have been wearing this mask for around 4 months now and I’ve found that the padded sides are super comfortable, but one thing I have noticed with the ladies cut is as it cuts away from the jawline quite sharply it doesn’t completely protect the very bottom of your cheeks - but this isn’t an area that for me gets hit a lot so it’s not too much of an issue as the covers a lot of the face. The mask is built for player comfort. and the only aspect I found uncomfortable about the mask was the fact the double strap has two buckles that can rub on your ears when wearing ear protection, this wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t wear ear protection but I always wear it so it can be a little uncomfortable during prolonged wear. 

The back straps comfortable and doesn’t bunch up during wear which is great (especially when wearing helmets). The front slots in the TPU for breathability are sufficient and whilst I’ve been wearing it I haven’t noticed any issues. When it is really hot (temps of 27 and above for me personally) I have found it can be a little too warm so I wear it a little looser so I can take it away from my mouth every so often but this means the gas seal won’t work to its optimum efficiency. The gas seal on the inside works great to prevent fogging, but be sure to fit it snugly to your face as the seal needs to be secure and completely seal to the face. If it’s loose it can fog.

It’s available in MultiCam, Green and black. It retails for $17.99 from the OTG website, which is around £15. For the time being it is only available in the F size, with the L size for male players on the way soon. I would love to see this mask made in a few other camouflage patterns and colourways - maybe MultiCam Tropic, MultiCam black and grey? *hopes*

Overall, this product from One Tigris is an affordable, well made and comfortable face mask that has a great look to it. I love that OTG has made it their mission to make this product more affordable for the end consumer.

Hardwick, K. (2019). T'Farge Comfort Mask. Airsoft Action. 107 (Dec), 26-27.

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