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Today we have another review for you, one that has appeared in this months 6MM ACTUAL (if you haven't read it already, what are you waiting for?!) from one of our contributors Tallin. Here's Tallin's review on the MTEKUSA FLUX CARBON S.

MTEK is a small company mainly comprised of veterans that have used their experience in the field to help drive them for over 10 years to create the new revolutionary FLUX helmet design. MTEK currently offers two types of FLUX at this current point, namely the Flux ballistic and Flux carbon though both variants are identical aesthetically and only differ in the material they are constructed from and both models come with a Wilcox L4 shroud for all your night vision goodies.

The flux ballistic as the name suggests their ballistic model rated at level 3A meaning it is designed to stop up to a .44 magnum round though the chances of you encountering a .44 at an airsoft game/milsim are quite unlikely so this is a model more suited for the real steel/law enforcement market. The Flux carbon, on the other hand, is again as the name suggests their carbon fibre model giving you all the perks of their innovative design with the lightweight bonuses of a full carbon fibre outer shell.

Both of these models sport a boltless design meaning nothing is drilled into the shell even the Wilcox shroud and Flux M-LOK rails are simply mounted using an incredibly robust locking system that simply locks them to the shell, don’t let this dishearten you as this mounting system is very strong allowing you to mount extremely heavy points onto these areas without the worry of things suddenly breaking off. Over the top of the helmet, you will find a very well laid out Velcro system allowing you to mount any kind or IR strobes or counterweight pouches to your helmet. The helmets side profile is rather high in comparison to other similar helmets this coupled with the M-LOK side mounts allows you to comfortably mount a multitude of ear defenders/coms to your Flux and with the addition of the multi-layered inner padding system they include with your Flux it is very easy to make the helmet fit your head comfortably.

When ordering my Flux carbon from MTEK I was surprised at the amount of sizing options available allowing me to personalise my helmet to my head shape and I also knew once receiving the item the double layered pad system would help the lid fit tightly and comfortably onto my head.

Upon arrival at my home after an unfortunate 6 weeks waiting period and opening the parcel I found assembling the extra parts of the helmet like the Wilcox shroud and mlock side mounts extremely easy and only required a Allan key and flat screwdriver to complete the build, overall I found the build quality to be very similar to the RS OPS CORE bump helmet but felt the weight was slightly better distributed even when I started adding things to my helmet I didn’t feel as if there was an aggressive amount of weight on any part of my head which was a nice surprise, my first day running this helmet involved a lot of aggressive sprinting and jumping from spot to spot meaning I was able to give the helmet a good opportunity to test how comfortable this helmet would be in a simulated combat scenario and thankfully it passed with flying colours, the retention system was extremely easy to adjust on the fly and was comfortable on my face not causing any rubbing or scratching even with my beard, the padding proved to not only be very comfortable but very absorbent as well due to how hot that day was I was worried I would have sweat running down my forehead nonstop but this was not the case and I ended up finishing the day with a head that was fairly cool and had 0 complaints of aching on any areas around my head unlike other models I have used in the past.

Overall this item is phenomenal and well worth the price tag IF you are looking for an actual bump helmet that can protect your head and also help you look extra good on the field then I wholeheartedly recommend the MTEK Flux carbon, if however your budget is lower but you still like the aesthetic of MTEKUSA’s design then you will be happy to hear that they have also partnered with PTS to bring the average consumer a replica of their design at a more realistic price point so perhaps consider waiting for this if you just plan on using the helmet for Sunday skirmishes.

Hogan, T. (2019). MTEKUSA FLUX CARBON S. 6MM ACTUAL. 4 (July), 6-9.

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