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Welcome back to the blog! Also my apologies for being so quiet the last week or so, life caught up with me on my return from Crete so I had to take a few days out but I'm back and ready to drop 6 new blog posts! Today I'm going to run through my WarZone 6: Pencott Greenzone loadout that you've been seeing on my social media over the last few days! For WarZone 6 we played on the United Nations team and needed a suitable loadout up for the task, check it out below:

My friends over at Military 1st very kindly sent over the Helikon-Tex CPU combat shirt and combat trousers in our camo of choice Pencott Greenzone! I'll be doing a separate review on these at a later date but you can check out the process of tailoring these to fit here!

For my gun, I used an E&L AKS-74U kindly supplied to me by Nuprol!

My chest rig for the weekend was the Hurricane Chest Rig by Direct Action! I'll be doing a full review of this soon too!

To carry all my bits and bobs, the Wisport Sparrow 2.0 in Pencott Greenzone from Military 1st

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming reviews!

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