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So today I’m back with another review for Valken and this time it’s on the Valken VGS or Vertical Grip System. The Valken Tactical VGS (Vertical Grip System) has been designed and made to be used with standard 1913 Picatinny rails on rifle hand guards. It is a sleek, light weight and affordable foregrip that also features a pressure pad/cable management system for those tacticool lights and lasers. 

The shape of the grip is what, for me makes the VGS so special - its ergonomic design allows the shooter to use it as a traditional grip, yet it also encourages more dynamic grip techniques for several styles of shooting and body mechanics. It also has a styled look that makes it a great aesthetic accessory to have. The VGS is made from a durable polymer and it is really lightweight thanks to its hollow centre which houses the shock cord cable management system. It has a grid matrix texture on the front and back to give the shooter a more secure grip even when wearing gloves.

Installing the grip is pretty easy, just undo the two allen key screws on the grip, slide into place and then tighten the screws back up. I put my VGS on the ValkenTRG-L because I thought its minimalist design would look pretty sweet with the TRGs futuristic looking keymod rail. The shape/texture and features such as the shock cord make it a really aesthetically pleasing piece of kit. 

The cable management system is a really cool little feature - it adds more of a styled look to the grip when there is no pressure pad in use, but it’s also incredibly useful when one is in use. Once you have attached your light/laser etc to any side rails the shock cord can be used to hold your pressure pad in place on the grip, with no need for any unsightly tape. As the cord is a little tight at first it’s a great idea to loosen it off a little before inserting the pressure pad to avoid having a permanently on torch and being spotted on the field! I really like how this small feature tidies up the front of the gun so much when using accessories like torches – no more loose cables or tape.  

The VGS is super affordable at $19.95 (around £15 at the current exchange rate) from Valken themselves and is available in black, olive green and also tan to suit any build. I chose the black colourway so it would go with all of my rifles.

Is there anything that I dislike about it? Honestly, not really. I like the look, textures and features it has. I did assume that because of its hollow centre and it being made of such a lightweight polymer it would be pretty weak/delicate but Valken have come through with this – it’s strong and doesn’t bend etc when put under stress. It’s not often I post a review where I don’t have a product improvement to suggest but this really has ticked all the boxes for me.

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