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We’re back with another Valken review and this time we’re looking at the Valken Battle Machine 2.0 TRG-L. The Valken Battle Machine 2.0 TRG-L is a full polymer AEG that is lightweight and has a cool look to it.

I’m really loving the aesthetics of this AEG as it has a sweet keymod handguard with a near flush muzzle brake which gives it a sleek, almost futuristic look. It also comes with Valkens new dual profile hi-viz flip up sights which add to the overall look of the gun. It has a retractable 6-postion crane stock that houses the battery, the stock is roomy and has an easy to remove butt plate that you don’t need tools to open. The pistol grip has the new shim-less ventilated motor plate with a larger adjusting screw meaning improved ventilation for the motor and it also has an improved sling attachment plate design.

Looking at the internals , rather than a brass inner barrel, Valken has opted for a 6.05mm anodised aluminium barrel with an improved barrel/hopup retention, which compliments an improved gear set, an upgraded shuttle switch and trigger assembly. One cool aspect of the internals of the Battle Machine TRG-L is that the hopup is one piece – the arm has a nub moulded onto it so there are less moving parts (and therefore less to go wrong). The hopup rubber is also bigger to increase contact, along with the O-ring on the nozzle and the two O-rings on the cylinder head mean that this AEG is designed to give the user great consistent shooting. We ran our Battle Machine on a 7.4 1300 mAh stick lipo and it chrono’d at a pretty consistent 330 FPS on 0.20g 6mm BBs which is a great FPS for indoor CQB. The hopup is easy to set and on semi-automatic it shot consistently and smoothly. On full auto it was really fun to shoot with a good rate of fire.

Was there anything I didn’t like about it? The only issue that I had was that the mag release was a little sticky during its first outing on the field but this is just down to it being brand spanking new out of the box. A little silicone lube and this was remedied.

Finally the most important question, what is the price? Depending on what retailer you use, it’ll set you back around £189.95, which I feel is a really good price point especially for those just joining the sport, it also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Overall, I really like the aesthetics of the gun – it has a sleek, futuristic look and its full polymer body means it’s really lightweight and I can run it easily for an entire game day without feeling like I’ve done arm day at the gym. The internals give the user a really consistent shooting experience and my first game day experience running it was really positive, I am looking forward to seeing how this AEG withstands the test of time. Nice one Valken!

Photography thanks to Liam Sibley Photography.
Post sponsored by Valken Tactical.

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