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Let's discuss 5 mistakes that most Airsofters make or have made in the past! Now I am no exception to these, in the past I have been lazy with my kit and these mistakes have cost me either time or money. These are all common mistakes that can have a long term effect on kit and getting into good kit habits prolongs both the lifespan of your kit and also makes prepping for game days a more pleasant experience. These are in no particular order.

Not emptying Mid Cap magazines after game days! 

Up until I started attending MilSim Ops I was a high cap warrior and as we all know, high caps require a lot less maintenance than mid cap magazines. When I got my first set of mid-cap mags I treated them pretty much like high caps. Game day done? Shove them in my kit bag and forget about them until the next skirmish. After a few months of the springs constantly being compressed from being loaded I noticed a serious dip in performance of the mags including misfeeds and this was due to the springs slacking off. Leaving me with 3 mid-caps that needed new springs. Save yourself the time and money! Remember to unload them after every skirmish if you can to prolong the lifespan of the mag. 

Leaving Airsoft kit in your kit bags/Planos/Pelis after a game day! 

I am a culprit for this one! After a MilSim, you're tired, hungry, in dire need of a shower and a good sleep but resist the urge to go sleep straight away! Get that kit out of the car, put your BDU's in the wash and be sure to let your Plate Carrier/Chest Rig air out because I guarantee you've been running around and really pushing yourself which means your kit is dirty and sweaty! And there is nothing worse than leaving your kit in a Plano, forgetting about it for a week and then opening it up to prep for another game day to discover the foul smell of fermenting body odour! Prevent this by airing that kit out as soon as possible after a game day!

Buying cheap!

 Hear me out with this one, I'm not saying spend LOADS on everything, but there are a few staple pieces of kit that I recommend spending a little bit more on so you don't have to buy twice due to cheap kit falling apart or not performing. The first thing I would recommend you don't skimp on is eye pro - for the simple reason you only get one pair of eyes and protecting them is your top priority! £3 mesh eye pro from China is not suitable eye pro - instead opt for ballistic shooting glasses or full seal ballistic goggles, yes they cost a little more but your eyes will thank you. 

Boots with good ankle support are another staple kit that I would spend a little extra on especially if like me you have delicate ankles! Fortunately when I started Airsofting I opted for a pair of Viper Combat Boots that set me back around £50 and these lasted me 2 years until I upgraded to a pair of Salomons (for outdoor and MilSims) and a pair of Pentagon boots for indoor CQB. Although I see a lot of people wearing trainers and 'fashion' military style boots, these won't protect your ankles very well if you fall or lose your footing.

Plate Carriers are another piece of kit I recommend spending the money on, purely because I made the mistake of buying not one but TWO cheap PCs that I look back on and just think 'Whyyyy?' because they fell apart so quickly and looked terrible. Find something from a reputable brand that you like and save up for it.

Not cleaning guns/getting them serviced regularly!

I expect to hear the cries of 'Well I've never cleaned my guns and they all perform perfectly!' with this one but trust me on this, to keep your kit in tip top condition they need to be cared for, and this is especially relevant to MilSim players and outdoor players because of the nature of the environment where games are played. Even if you don't know much about internals of AEGs etc, an occasional barrel clean is a great way to start. Once a year I send all my RIFs to my local stores gun tech for a service and this includes a good clean and general maintenance.

Hoarding kit!

I make this mistake on the regular. I buy kit or get sent kit to review for the blog, use it for a few months then replace it and the old kit gets relegated to the Airsoft Armoury never to be seen again. With sales of second hand Airsoft kit becoming more and more popular, the old kit you're hoarding is literally cash waiting. That new Plate Carrier you're saving up for? Sell the old kit to fund it or get you closer to the goal! Although I will say that selling free of charge sample kit you've been sent is shady AF if you don't have the companies permission - to be on the safe side, send the company a message asking whether they would like it back, or if they would mind you giving it away on social media, or selling it, they appreciate it!

Are there any mistakes you've made and learned from? Write them in the comments below!

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