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 So here is something you've been asking for - the review of the G&G RK74-T! You've seen it on my Instagram and sent in loads of emails and comments asking and now that I've put this through a good few skirmishes it's time to get this review underway!

In 2016 G&G Armament released the RK74 line of tactical AKs consisting of the CQB, E and T variants, that are full to the brim with features that make them stand apart from the scores and scores of other AK's out there, and as I've found with the RK74-T, the tactical look can definitely sway an M4 enthusiast! But are they all they're cracked up to be? Let's find out!

As many of you will have seen on my Instagram, I am a die hard M4 girl! I love the shape, look, how useful the keymod and picatinny rails are on most M4s and what has previously put me off AK variants is the lack of rails - especially when playing dark CQB I love to utilise these for torches etc and not having them is a bit of an inconvenience! I'm also a fan of light, short weapons because of how much CQB skirmishing I do but there's something about tactical AKs that is really appealing.

So let's chat about the appearance and build first of all, the Tactical variant of the RK74 range is the longest variant with an overall length of 940mm and also the heaviest weighing in at just over 3.3kg, longer and heavier than any Airsoft gun I have used to date. The body is mostly metal with a polymer 6 point folding stock, pistol grip and compensator. What I really like about the T model, is that like the E version (and unlike the iconic AK47s) it combines a picatinny rail with a key model rail system, opening up the options for attachments and giving it a more tactical look whilst still retaining some of the traditional AK shape. Something I really like about this AK model in particular is the mag guide, inside the magwell it has a molded piece that means the mag always fits in smoothly.

In regards to internals and performance, the RK74-T is capable of semi, 3 round burst (thanks to the preinstalled mosfet) and full auto firing modes. I chrono'd this rifle at my home site Strike Force CQB and it was firing pretty consistently at an average of 333 FPS on 0.20g 6mm BBs which is well within limits for most UK sites! It comes with a Mosfet and an ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) which gives you a better trigger response - faster and it prevents the gearbox locking on single shot - awesome for those of us who play at strictly single shot sites! Unfortunately I wasn't able to measure the ROF for this gun but I would be interested to find out in the future! Always be sure to use a fully charged 11.1 Lipo battery in one of these - the Mosfet requires an 11.1, and it's best to use a nunchuck lipo battery as the RK74-T has the perfect little compartment for one underneath the keymod rail system.

Here's what you really want to know - gameplay. How does it feel? How well can it be utilised in game? I decided, that I would use this lengthy rifle in a CQB game (because why not, right? haha). As the rifle is an AEG so is really reliable and relatively quiet - definite plus. It wasn't too difficult to manoeuvre around the site -it was easier than I thought, but I did find myself getting right to the front and taking up a lot of space getting round those tight corners. The weight did tire out my arms after a couple of games and I left the site feeling like I'd done an arm day at the gym, for someone with more upper body strength I feel this would be less of an issue. There is something about AKs that makes them just fun, I loved shooting with the RK74-T! I did have to borrow a hi cap mag because the 115 round mag included wasn't quite enough and I didn't have time to get any more mags before hand but that was my own failing.

The price point varies between retailers, but from my research, it is available from Zero One Airsoft for £289.95, which is one of the cheapest and for an advanced G&G RIF that's a pretty sweet deal!

Overall, I think G&G have done a top job on the RK74-T! It's a fun RIF to use and mixes the best of the iconic AK with the tactical goodness of an M4!

In game photo credit to Andy Snook of Snook Snaps


  1. Hi thanks for your honest opinions. I have been considering this rifle for quite so time, weighing it up against another gun. After reading this the decision is even harder. Damn. Cheers Bruce

  2. What mag are you using in the pic. Seriously struggling to find fitting mags that aren't the RK74 mags

  3. What mag are you using in the pic. Seriously struggling to find fitting mags that aren't the RK74 mags


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