Hi everyone! For the next instalment of the Femme Fatale Airsoft's player spotlights is a Slaydie from the US!
Hi Jen! Thank you for taking part in the FFA player spotlights! Can you give my readers a little information about yourself? What long have you been playing? What got you into Airsoft and what do you love about it?
My name is Jen Evola. I go by GoldiLox on the field. I'm 20, and I've been playing airsoft with my husband for the last two years. My first big game was AMS Operation ESR 19-3, but it was also my third airsoft game ever. Right now I'm focusing on school. I'm going to Fisk University for Pharmacy Technician, then on to my EMT in January. 
As far as what got me into airsoft, that would be my husband. I got sick of him "wasting" his time at the field every week on my one day off, so I decided to go out with him. Sat in the parking lot painting the first few times. And then I got onto the field and actually played. My husband and his buddy made plans to go to ESR 19-3 together, but the buddy bailed. I took his ticket and went in his place. I've been hooked ever since.
The thing I love most about airsoft is that it gets me outside, in a comfortable environment with people I know. I have anxiety and minor depression. Airsoft helps to get me on the field and in public and let's me focus on something I'm passionate about.
Where is you homefield? 
Our home field is in Junction City, Kansas. Foxhole Paintball and Airsoft. My husband and I actually just started a sponsored team out of there, and are planning our first Op together to be Copperhead in the next week or so.
How would you describe your playing style?
My playing style is interesting. I am a diverse player, capable of taking on several positions for my team. At OP's I'm usually our teams medic. At home field games, I run as a rifleman or DMR. Lately I've been training with a sniper to move quieter and work as sniper/sharpshooter team. I'm more of a backup player, and usually play more of a support role. My husband is Rambo, I kind of hang back with a big gun and provide cover for him and the rest of the team. I feel I'm a better asset to the team that way. Just me alone though, I'm an aggressivplayer with a list of names to cross off, or an objective to complete.
What is your favourite loadout and go to weapon?
My weapon right now is a G&P Rapid Fire 2 with barrel extension. Chronos at about 390 with the extension and 340 without. It's a standard M4 setup. As for the rest of my load out, I'm not particularly brand-loyal. My JPC is an Emerson, cheap and pretty tough so far. I always take the plates out, because boobs. Other than that, multicam. Mechanix gloves. A ball cap. And Oboz Bridger boots. I'm still working on tweaking and making my load out what I want it to be, getting the gear I really want. Solomon boots would be amazing. :)
What does being a woman in Airsoft mean to you?
Being a woman in Airsoft is for me an experience. It gives me the chance to shoot down stereotypes, because I've always done the "boyish things" like mechanics and fishing. To prove women can push just as hard as the men can, and sometimes we outperform the men. Smaller bodies sometimes means quieter movement or fitting in really weird places. For me it's alot like having a bunch of brothers. Someone at another field says something about me being a female, they're pretty quick to shut it down. Overall it's been a pretty positive experience, very few people have made me feel inferior for being a female.  I blew my knee at Broken Home 4, full tear of the Meniscus and MCL the first day. I was on the field the second day to everyone's shock. Finished out the op. The people I play with really started taking me serious after that, realized I'll push until I can't. I want to be the girl that helps other women find a place they're comfortable. If it means pushing as hard as I can to prove to the sexist men that women can bust their asses also, I'll do it. It paves a road of positivity for women to come, and that makes me happy.
Do you have anything that you'd like to say to other players out there?
To other players, just don't quit. If you love it, and you have a passion for it, don't quit because of someone being rude. So your team sucks... Find a different one. Build your own. So your field isn't so great about the way the treat women. Be the change at the field. So you think you suck, find someone better and learn from them. Don't ever quit your passion because of a lack of self confidence. You'll find out pretty quick that when you accept yourself, so will everyone else.
Where can my readers find you on social media?
Mine and my husband's Facebook Page:
My team's new fb page:
And my personal Instagram is:

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