Hi everyone, following on from the really popular top 5 YouTubers post a couple of weeks ago, you've asked about my favourite Airsoft blogs! Well here you are! I give you my favourite Airsoft Bloggers:

At number 4, we have Thumpy's Airsoft News and Comment!

Thumpy is an Airsofter outta the US who brings his readers news and commentary on a whole range of subjects from popular YT videos, reviews and events from around the globe. I really like his commentary and the content is always fresh! Check it out here: thumpyairsoft.wordpress.com

At number 3, REMF Tacticool!

This blog is a brutally honest, informative guide for the gear whores amongst us, along with some fun, satirical pieces make this an all round entertaining blog for Airsofters alike. 'Gear Pimpin Ain't Easy' Check it out here: remftacticool.com

Airsoft & MilSim News Blog has been a blog I've read since I started Airsofting, it offers Airsofters honest and impartial reviews on everything from gear to guns and throws international Airsoft news in the mix, if you're just beginning or are a seasoned player this blog has something to offer everyone. Check it out here: www.airsoft-military-news.com

At number 1 we have my friends at Popular Airsoft!

So at the top of the pack are the team at Popular Airsoft! There are a few reasons that PA is my favourite, firstly they offer top quality content in terms of reviews and news from around the globe, they put players content in the spotlight and their annual Players Choice Awards always showcases the best of the best in Airsoft content. I am lucky to have been a runner up in their best blog! (6th Player Choice Awards). Nice work PA! Check them out here: www.popularairsoft.com

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