Hey everyone! So it's been a while since we did an Instagram Q&A, and last week I asked you to provide me with some questions and as per usual you didn't disappoint! Here they are:

Do you plan to plan Airsoft outside of the UK? - gtaleemans
Next year I'm travelling to Vegas to attend SHOT show and whilst I'm there I do plan on getting a few Airsoft games in!

First Airsoft gun? - painkiller_33
My First Airsoft gun was the baby pink G&G Armament FF26 AEG - I loved this gun and is where my callsign came from! Although I stopped using this gun shortly after I got the G&G 'Black Rose' I still have her but I save her for special occasions.

Do you ever feel separated in MilSim games? - rha_spider
Fortunately I have never felt separated at MilSim games, at my last MilSim Op - Operation Crypt Kicker I was the SAF force 2IC so I was heavily involved with the decision making and tactics. 

Have you played Airsoft on a beach? - big_birtha223
I haven't played Airsoft on a beach, but how cool would that be?

Can I use a day pack at night? - scottallangoesforth
That's blasphemy...

Do you get any flak for being a girl? - thesabrewulf
In the early days of Femme Fatale Airsoft I got a lot of stick for being a small female but as I've travelled to sites up and down the country, played command roles at MilSim ops and become a writer for the UK's number one Airsoft mag I feel I've 'proven' myself (you shouldn't have to prove yourself but it is what it is) 

Do you ever think there will be a day when a boy (or a girl), can out-swim a shark? - butcher_and_bolt
One can only dream of such a glorious day.

What is the best gun you have owned or used? - rivalairsoft3
In terms of reliability, range, ROF etc I would have to say it's my ASG Scorpion Evo 3A1, for such a small gun it has awesome range

Best urban loadout? - itslokihere
I really like the wolf/titanium grey colour loadouts that are hot right now for Urban and CQB but I'm a stickler for MC.

Were you a sniper in Airsoft? - x_emochicken_x
I haven't played the role of a sniper in the time I've been Airsofting but it is something I have planned for the future.

Where's your favourite place to play in the UK? And when was/ have you played FAO Anzio? - beartownbastards
Currently my favourite UK site is Strike Force  CQB in Gloucester - it's the super close CQB rush that I crave, I always have a fantastic day and the staff are brilliant. I have only played Anzio Camp once, around February/March time and unfortunately I didn't have a very good day but I definitely want to play the site again just incase it was one of those 'off days'

Have you played in the USA before, if so where? - bautisa_johnny
I haven't played in the US as of yet, but that's definitely on the itinerary for when I visit in January.

Do you like big butts and you cannot lie? - nathan_mikukski_
Damn, did Sir Mix-A-Lot let out my secret?

Why do hotdogs come in tins of 8 but hot dog rolls come in packs of 6? - lewismantle
'Some people just want to watch the world burn'

What site would you like to visit the most outside of the UK? - k_law_11
I think it would have to be DesertFox Moat field in Cali!

Do you get criticised for the pink? E.G people saying you can't be sneaky etc. And if so how do you reply? (I always like to point out the knife kills I've got lol) - pinkpantherairsoft
I have been heavily criticised for the pink gear by self proclaimed 'hardcore MilSimmers' but Airsoft for me is fun and I like to have fun with my loadout. Pink is one of my favourite colours, so why not incorporate it? I have thought about taking the pink out of my loadout but the day you change to please other people is the day you lose yourself. So I dip dyed my hair pink. The pink gear has never prevented me getting sneakier kills.

Know any good radios that are effective and not too pricey? - strategic_eliminator
I use a Boafeng UV-5RE dual band radio that was recommended to me by one of my MilSim buddies, and I picked it up from Amazon for about £23, they're really easy to use.

Does size really matter? - butcher_and_bolt
Size isn't everything, it's how you use it. (Size is still pretty important tho)

I had loads of fun answering your questions! Thank you to everyone that sent questions in! Catch you all soon! 💋

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