Femme Fatale Airsoft Press Release 2016

 2015 was an amazing year for Femme Fatale Airsoft thanks to the support from all our followers and the Airsoft industry. 2016 has had an explosive start and just today FFA reached 60,000 views on the blog and 18,000 followers on Instagram - absolutely awesome!

There are so many amazing events, games and shows planned for this year including: Warzone Battle Simulation's Operation Crypt Kicker (25th-27th March 2016), the Viper Titanium launch at Land Warrior Airsoft (9th-10th April 2016), The Midlands Airsoft Fair (23rd April 2016), RedWolf Airsoft Showcase (18th June 2016) and not forgetting the NAE at Ground Zero ( 25th-28th August 2016) amongst others that I am seriously looking forward too! You can keep up to date with confirmed events on the FFA home page!

Femme Fatale Airsoft would like to thank the support of these amazing brands and retailers: Nuprol, Land Warrior Airsoft, G&G Armament, JD Airsoft, Concept Tactical, Tippmann Arms, Viper Tactical and Cloud 9 Combat, thank you for your support! 2016 is going to be a brilliant year!

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