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Hey everyone! Here is a post you've been asking for, I get a lot of questions on my Instagram regarding my helmet set up, so this is a breakdown of what's on it, why it's there and most importantly, where you can get the items if you wanted to recreate a similar look yourself!

Firstly, before we talk about accessories let's talk about the most important part - the helmet itself and the other vital components! I run a Nuprol FAST Helmet in black as the base for the set up, this is because I run a lot of black accessories and even with the Emerson MultiCam Helmet Cover on, the black rails/shroud help create a cohesive look throughout the loadout. Attached to the rails I have a pair of Z Tactical Comtac IIs mounted on a Comtac Helmet Adapter - to act as comms and also ear defenders, the Comtacs cancel out loud noises such as BFGs and amplify quiet noises such as whispers and footsteps.

Now we've got the basics out of the way, let's get down to the accessories. As I said, the first thing I accessorized with what an Emerson MultiCam Helmet Cover from Fubar Bundy Airsoft and gave it a quick spray with black spray paint to take that 'new kit shine' away. I also run a Viper subdued green Union Jack patch avaliable from Viper Tactical and a Tan Condor Bloodtype Patch in A+ ! These are what I would call my 'serious patches' that I have chosen to run for MilSims.

 On the other side of my helmet I run a 'Run your gun not your mouth' patch in the SWAT colour scheme and my personal favourite, my pink 'Instagram that shit!' patch, both from Tactical Outfitters! On the left side of my helmet, I have a 20mm rail attached to my Comtac Helmet Adapter to accomodate a Modular Personal Lighting System in black for map/intel reading during Skirmishes and MilSims.

These patches are really sassy and the pink goes nicely with the other hints of pink that are in my loadout. One thing that is really important to me is having a cohesive look!

Other items on my helmet include my custom '#BATTLEBITCH' patch from Stich Me Up UK, a Hello Kitty TY teddy that is held in place by black paracord and a couple of things from Taiwan Gun - an FMA Dummy Strobe Marker Light and a Purple Distress Marker. All these components added together have created a helmet set up that is completely unique to myself and makes me easily recognizable to team mates (who's really going to miss the girl with a Hello Kitty on her lid? haha!) I run this set up for all 3 of my loadouts - Wolf Grey, MultiCam and Green, as it compliments my MultiCam accessories.

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  1. out of interest, why did you choose the Comtac II over the I, IV or the sordins?
    I'm currently half way through setting up my helmet. so many choices :)


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