The Femme Fatale Airsoft YouTube channel!

So today, my airsoft channel - Femme Fatale Airsoft went live! :D
From here on, I will be videoing all my airsoft matches and posting them on my YouTube! As soon as my account is eligible I will also be getting a personalised URL so I'm easier to find! My first video 'Capture the Flag 30/11/14 Combat Ready Airsoft by FFA' can be viewed here:
This video features all my best moments from the CTF game! Unfortunately using a GoPro is a learning process and because of the range of my weapon and the terrain itself, the kills aren't always obvious so I've edited in hitmarkers so you guys can see them. In my next videos I will endeavour to get closer to the enemy so the GoPro footage is better for my viewers. To edit my footage I am using the Go Pro studio and Sony Vegas Pro, which is going to take some getting used to! But hopefully it wont be long before I can become a proficient user.
Hope you enjoy! xo 

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