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Today I have another post for you from SHOT Show 2018! In this post, we're going to be looking at the new HEXGRID Load Bearing Attachment System from 5.11 Tactical.

It's not every day that you see a new attachment system that could possibly replace the traditional MOLLE and that's why the new HEXGRID attachment system from 5.11 Tactical caught my eye at SHOT Show 2018! As the name suggests, HEXGRID is a load bearing system that works on the same principle as traditional MOLLE but instead has laser-cut hexagonal holes/attachment points in a grid pattern which resembles honeycomb. With the HEXGRID attachment system, you can configure pouches etc in 6 different configurations, whereas the traditional MOLLE system will only allow users to mount pouches vertically. What's really cool is that you could even go as far as mounting your pouches upside down, which would then give you 12 possible configurations. This new system gives users the ability to configure their bags and plate carriers in a whole new host of ways that we aren't currently able too.


Hey everyone!

Continuing on with my SHOT Show 2018 content, I have something for you that caught my eye from none other than Crye Precision - the CPC Extendable StKSS!

So this is Crye Precision's 'Structural Kinetic Support System (StKSS)' and although it's not an entirely new concept as we've seen various load transferring methods in the past, this allows the user to selectively transfer some or all of the weight of their Plate Carrier to their hips. The extendable StKSS allows the wearer to completely isolate their shoulders and spinal column from the weight being carried. Instead, the load is directly transferred to the hips and legs. It is compatible with the Crye Precision CPC™, Low Profile Blast Belt™, and AVS™ Belt. 


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I’m back with another review, and this time I’m going to be looking at footwear for airsoft and reviewing the Quest Prime GTX W’s by one of the most well-known brands in airsoft - Salomon. Salomon has a great reputation amongst airsofters for being comfy, durable and waterproof footwear that have the grip and ankle support to support the nature of the sport, but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

The Quest Prime GTX women’s is an athletic style shoe by Salomon that is designed for hiking and backpacking. The design focuses on being lightweight and comfortable whilst still protecting the feet from the terrain and the elements! Let’s first chat about the specs, and we’ll start with the outer sole! The outer sole has High Traction Contagrip meaning you get an excellent grip even in tough terrain. The midsole comprises of injected EVA which is lightweight and absorbs shock well and a moulded shank which helps the sole keep its shape and support the arch of your foot. The Quest Prime GTX’s also have the advanced chassis – this is placed between the outer sole and midsole that maximizes motion control, energy management and protection for stable and comfortable use. The outer membrane of the boot is made of GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX is a material that gives you unparalleled breathability but is waterproof so it keeps your feet from getting wet! Overall, the specs/features are bang on.

When I got them out of the box I was quite taken aback by the colour of the shoe – instead of black they were to my surprise a bright blue, which isn’t the most tactical colour but when paired with my MultiCam Tropic combats it didn’t look too bad. I did see in some of the reviews online that the shoes run wide and were uncomfortable until broken in, but I typically wear either a 4 or 4.5 however for these I went for a size 5 as I wanted them to be a little roomier so I could layer the socks on in the winter time and I didn’t find them to run wide. They fit comfortably across my instep (top of foot), clung well to my heels and didn’t move around too much on my feet – they felt secure. When I first put them on, I wore them for around 8-9 hours in total at an indoor CQB site for a regular skirmish day and whilst they were stiff for the first few hours, I wouldn’t say they were uncomfortable. The heat of your feet will naturally soften the material of the shoes so after a couple of hours you can feel them loosening off. The grip was fantastic even in the parts of the site that had leaks. The sole manipulated relatively easily so they were a comfy pair to wear all day – my feet didn’t hurt and they weren’t sweaty thanks to the GORE-TEX technology. I haven’t quite gotten round to field testing them for waterproofing as of yet but someone spilling a whole mug of tea on your feet and them remaining dry is promising!

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX W’s boots retail for £140.00 which is a serious investment but they are without a doubt one of the comfiest pairs of shoes that I have ever worn. They are available in 3 colourways – grey/mint green, black/purple and the colour option that was sent to me the blue/orange. The colourway I received isn’t the most tactical colour, but it is fun, and you’d be hard-pressed to lose them!

Photography thanks to Henry Nicholson


Hey everyone!

Another post from SHOT Show 2018! In this post we're taking a quick look at the new Haley Strategic Partners Micro Chest Rig that caught my eye!

The new HSP Micro Chest Rig is reported to be hitting the market early March 2018! The permanent shell is comprised of 2 pistol mag carriers and an admin pouch, this is looking like it will cost around $130. The adaptable mag carriers (5.56,308/.762, MP5,MPX) seen behind the admin pouch can be inserted into the Chestrig and will be approximately $30 each. As always HSP know that colourways are important, the colourways for the new Mirco Chest Rig will reflect their popular colours that they already carry in the D3CR-X and D3CR-H chest rigs; Ranger Green, Coyote, Multi Cam, Black.

(In the image the new Micro Chest Rig is mounted to a Plate Carrier and has the multi-mission D3CR Hanger expansion, the Micro Chest Rig is sold separately to these)


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So I’m taking a quick break from my SHOT Show 2018 coverage and I'm back with another review for Valken and today it’s something I’ve been hella eager to test out - the Valken Agility Rolling Gear bag.

First let me give you a quick rundown of the main features - the Valken Agility Rolling Gear bag is an 80 litre gear bag that has similar features to a suitcase including wheels and a telescopic handle making it an easy gear transportation system for airsofters and paintballers alike! It is built from durable ballistic nylon so it’s tough enough to take your gear with you whether you’re hitting up a skirmish or a MilSim and it also boasts reinforced off road wheels that are made from a thick rubber material for durability. It has heavy-duty nylon pulls and water resistant zippers to keep your gear secure. It’s pretty spacious on the inside with internal mesh zipped pockets to help you keep all your bits and bobs organised.

It has an identification window pocket on the underside of the bag which, just like a suitcase tag, can take a small address card enabling users to identify which bag is theirs – which would also be super handy if you were to take your gear bag onto to a plane. It also has compression straps so when the bag is full it can be condensed during transport.

My first impressions of the gear bag when I got it out of the delivery were very good – the woven nylon feels durable and the zipper pulls didn’t feel flimsy, in regards to the internal section, it was pretty roomy and the zipped mesh pockets. What I was quite surprised about however is that it is a bit smaller than it looks on the website, I think this could be easily solved by Valken providing the dimensions of the bag on the website. The branding on the bag is on point too.

As I’ve said earlier in the review, the bag has a telescopic handle for easy navigation – this is one of my favourite features of the bag – it makes manoeuvring the bag really easy and unlike some transportation systems the handle is comfortable to hold even when it is loaded up and weighted. The off road wheels are also a great feature! If you’ve seen me at games you’ll have guessed that I am a huge fan of plano cases but sometimes these have wheels that aren’t built for rolling along gravel and harsh terrain, which most woodland and urban airsoft sites have leading up to and in their safe zones. The wheels on the Rolling Agility bag are tough and quite thick so I have high hopes for them.

So how much does the Rolling Agility Bag retail for? In the US players are looking at a cost of $149.95 from the Valken website here, for us over the pond it would be around £107! 

Photography thanks to Henry Nicholson.
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