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So I'm back with another kit review for the ladies and this time we’re looking at the First Tactical Specialist Tactical Pants for women!

The First Tactical Specialist Tactical Pants are a durable pair of tactical trousers that are made specifically for the field, whether that be the range, airsoft, outdoor activities and even first response work. They are made from a double ripstop polyester/cotton blend fabric that has a Teflon® Shield+ stain repellent finish to keep them looking fresh, this combination gives the end user sturdiness and functionality. My favourite thing about the First Tactical range of trousers is the feel of the fabric used – as soon as you get them out of the packaging, it feels smooth, sturdy and tough.

In regards to the pants construction, First Tactical always do a fab job. The running gusset construction gives the user full motion ability, whilst the triple needle stitching at critical seams keeps the pants going strong and together even after harsh use. The pants have double layered knees for durability and internal knee pad access that can be used with the First Tactical knee pads. The pants have a whole range of pockets including two back pockets, two front pockets, two front slit pockets (for mobile phones and magazines) and two organiser pockets (that can hold M4 magazines) with laminated pocket flaps. The pocket flaps are laminated to make sure they stay down and that the pants have a professional look even after being worn, they fasten with hook & loop Velcro and can be tucked in for quick access functionality.

The Specialist Tactical Pants are available in the UK, in US sizes 2, all the way up to a size 20 in both a regular and tall leg – it is worth noting that the sizes on their website are American sizes but they do have a size chart for reference. I usually wear a UK 8 so opted for the US 4 with the regular leg. In regards to fit, the pants have the First Tactical Advanced Women's Fit which is designed and constructed uniquely for a woman's shape – it has contoured cut curves that give a better fit around the hips, buttocks and upper leg to allow for optimal freedom of movement – they aren’t too tight but give the movement you need for strenuous activity without being baggy. As they are a women’s fit the waistband on the pants sits just above my hips rather than on my waist unlike most tactical trousers – which is much comfier. Overall, I’m really happy with the fit!

The pants are available in limited colours – navy, black and khaki. This is my only complaint about them, that they aren’t available in the same range of colours like the men’s trousers are. I would absolutely LOVE a pair of these in Olive Drab Green!

As for price, the pants retail at £44.95.

Overall, I really like them – they are a sturdy, durable and fitted alternative to traditional BDU trousers. They fit well and are a reasonable price, but I would love to see them in more colours!

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So I’m back with another review! I’ve teamed up with Military 1st to bring you guys a short series of affordable plate carrier set ups for both tan and green team uniforms and first on my list we are going to look/review the base carrier for my first build, the well-known Flyye Swift Plate Carrier in MultiCam.

The Flyye Swift Plate Carrier is an adjustable, lightweight and low profile plate carrier that has a similar look and functionality to the JPC plate carriers that have become really popular amongst airsofters. The plate carrier has a number of built in features including an integrated top admin pouch with a velcro closing and three elastic loops inside the pocket, the admin pouch is suitable for pistol mags, pens, chemlights and tonnes of other useful bits and bobs that you would need to carry on the field. It also has three integrated magazine pouches with loop velcro surface inside, elastic internal dividers and removable shock cords with pull tabs for retention which are suitable for both M4 and M16 magazines. At the top of the plate carrier just above the integrated mag pouches it has a loop Velcro panel for patches (so patchwhores, Flyye have you covered!).

As for its construction, it is made of genuine Crye Precision MultiCam Invista 1000D Cordura Nylon material making it extremely durable and water resistant for wet game days. Its laser-cut Hypalon shoulder straps are extremely durable and make for a closer and more comfortable fit. The stitching and general construction of the carrier is top quality. The carrier comes with two soft armour plates at the front and back included, and the plate compartments have velcro-secured flaps and pull tabs at the bottom making them easy to insert and remove. The plates are a little stiff at first due to their newness, but this is to be expected - after a few game days the plates become a little bit more malleable which means they sit better on the contours of your body.  It has rectangles of durable mesh at the inside top of the plate for ventilation and added comfort – this helps prevent the carrier getting too sweaty on game days. It has sturdy webbing throughout its construction for modular attachments. As it is a JPC style plate carrier it is super lightweight, weighing just over 1.2kg including the soft armour plates that are included, because of this I feel like it would be a really good piece of kit for a MilSim or a weekend event where you end up wearing your plate carrier for an extended period of time.

One of my favourite features of the Flyye Swift plate carrier is the cummerbund made of PALS webbing – the webbing is designed to help improve ventilation and provide extra carrying space for additional magazine pouches and radio pouches etc. I have found in the past that plate carriers with the PALS style of cummerbund have fit my body better than standard cummerbunds. It is easy to put on and adjust – simply pull the front of the vest up to reveal the Velcro fastening, which can be adjusted either at the front or via the cord on the back of the plate carrier. Due to the small size and adjustability of the carrier, I think it would be a great gear option for women and younger players. The only issue I had with its adjustability is that the shoulder straps fit really snug in their cover so it was a little bit of a mission to adjust them, especially with long nails!
I really like the simple aesthetics of the carrier, it’s sleek, low-profile and the integrated mag pouches give it a tidy look but because of the molle on the integrated mag pouches you can add extra pouches to add usability and of course beef it up. For a lightweight loadout I paired this with my cobra shooters belt – super effective and lightweight.  

What’s the retail price? The Flyye Swift plate carrier is available from Military 1st for £137.95 for the MultiCam option and it is available in a wide variety of camouflage patterns - MultiCam, black, coyote, A-TACS FG, ranger green, AOR1 and AOR2. It is worth noting that the price is dependent on the camo, some of the camo options are a little less expensive. It is available in sizes small, and all the way up to an extra-large with room for adjustment on all sizes of the carrier so the size range is really inclusive. In regards to price I would say that the Swift Plate Carrier is in the mid-price range, it definitely isn’t the cheapest plate carrier that you can get your hands on but as it’s made of genuine Crye Precision MultiCam you do have the peace of mind that the material it’s made of is durable and the construction is good quality meaning it will last you a good while! In fact knowing airsofters, you’d probably want a new loadout before you wear one of these out.

I’ll be using this carrier as the base of an affordable to mid-priced plate carrier set up which will be featured in a YouTube video on the Femme Fatale Airsoft YouTube channel so be sure to keep your eyes out for those which will be uploaded towards the end of the month!

Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot
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Hey everyone!

I’m back with another review for Valken and this time we’re looking at the Valken Tango Combat Pants!

The tango combat pants are a pair of adjustable, padded combat trousers that are designed for our paintball counterparts but can also be used for airsoft thanks to the mainstream camo options they’re available in. They have the baggy look that is signature of paintball uniforms but they have a tonne of features which make them adjustable, functional and most of all comfy! From the drawstring inner waist for adjustment, stretchy areas above knees and also the lower back, adjustable knee pad placement straps and adjustable velcro ankle closure with boot zippers the trousers can be adjusted to fit most frames. The bagginess of the pant also means they are really comfortable to move around in and there’s plenty of room around knees, hips etc for movement.

One of my favourite features of the Tango combat pants is the integrated knee padding which makes them extra durable - the knee pads are larger and cover a greater area than the ones we usually see on airsoft BDUs so they're comfier when taking a knee or being prone. The size and thickness of the knee pads mean they also offer protection for the players who spend a lot of time diving and sliding around! I found when kneeling in the pants, that thanks to the knee straps the padding was wrapped around my whole knee so it was really well protected.

Another thing I like about the Tango combat pants is that they are also FULL to the brim with pockets! From the low profile cargo pockets, deep front hand pockets, dual concealed zippered front pockets, utility rear pockets, zippered ankle and calf pockets to the front thigh velcro pockets it’s clear that these pants are designed to be useful on the field – the utility rear pockets are great for storing extra mags and are easy to access in a hurry when you’re wearing gloves which is a crucial aspect of a trouser pocket for me personally – they have to be easy to reach and access in a hurry!

The pants are available in 3 different camo options - US Woodland, Tiger Stripe and V-CAM, I opted for the V-CAM pair to go with my MultiCam tactical gear (I’m a sucker for full Multiglam!). I like that they’re available in a couple of mainstream camouflage options because this makes them more usable for airsofters. They’re available in sizes S to 4XL so the size range is really inclusive! I have the size S and they were a good fit and adjusted easily to fit my body but due to the baggy design gave me a lot of room for movement. Finally, what about price? The trousers retail for $99.95 from Valken themselves (which at the current exchange rate is around £76) which honestly? I feel is a little bit pricey for the average airsofter but it is important to remember that these pants are primarily designed as paintball uniforms so because of the extra level of protection they will be a little more expensive.

Get yours here

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So today I'm back with another review and this is one specifically for the ladies! When I was in the States I got the chance to test the PIG full dexterity tactical (FDT) Delta Utility glove which is a slip-on tactical glove, that is a hybrid of the most popular features from the past PIG models in a budget option that still gives the user a high-dexterity fit. I used these gloves for all of my airsoft games/MilSims whilst I was stateside and they fit SO well! Now I'm back in the UK I've purchased a pair for me to wear for my airsoft games back home and I thought I'd give you lovely lot the low down on them.

The gloves, although small and a seemingly ordinary pair of gloves boast a bunch of awesome features including: touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb (perfect for those of us who are partial to a midgame selfie!), single-layer palm for tactile sensitivity, bar-tacked paracord pull loops and they even have a silicon printed grip on the palm for extra grip making them practical and usable for not only airsoft but for other outdoor activities.

Although it may be obvious, what I love the most about these gloves is how they fit! I adore how dainty and ladylike they make my hands look! The fold-over finger construction and elastic wrist for quick put on and take off sequence not only make them more comfortable for the user but it also gives them a sleeker, more sophisticated look - nothing like the purpose made airsoft gloves we usually see on the field. They aren't padded or extra thick around the knuckles so getting shot in the hands whilst wearing these does still suck, but honestly? Finger shots are quite rare and I'd rather have the dexterity than bulky protection.

They're easy to put on, quick drying after they've gotten wet and the touchscreen compatible finger and thumb is super useful! Overall, I'm super impressed with them.

The PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves are available in black, coyote, ranger green & carbon grey and are also available in sizes ranging from a small to an extra extra large the size range is super inclusive. In the states I did wear an XS but I couldn't find them online on my return so I opted for the S - there is a difference in size but not by a huge amount. Although the exchange rate in the states makes them cheaper to buy out there, shipping is a killer! They are available from Tactical Kit for £30.95 here!

Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot
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On Sunday 23rd July 2017, I took a drive into The Black Country to visit a brand spanking new airsoft site ran by West Midlands Airsoft called High Command. From where I’m based in the East Midlands, High Command is around a 50 minute drive up the motorway depending on the traffic. The site is situated within an industrial estate that’s tucked into a small suburban housing estate in the heart of Rowley Regis. Despite its unlikely location the industrial estate and the site itself is clearly signposted from the road to make it easier to find.

As you follow the signs into the estate and drive into the car park to the site there is around 20 car parking spaces so it’s good to get there early to bag yourself a space. The safe zone is a short walk up a flight of stairs and is a central corridor with rooms branching off that are full of tables and chairs for players to organise their kit, as there are stairs leading to the safe zone you may want to pack lightly but the safe zone is a spacious room even if you do fancy bringing the kitchen sink! The first room houses the official onsite shop which is run by West Midlands Airsoft and supported by Staffordshire Militaria that sells a variety of RIFs, ammo, pyro, scopes, sites and plenty of accessories that you could need on the day!

The site also has 2 other retailers’ onsite supporting their game day shenanigans, which we’ll talk a little bit about now: the first supporting company is who are an independent airsoft hire company that are based in Staffordshire that offer a huge range of not only rental weapons but rental loadouts too! From their Recon and ‘Ghost’ to Assault and ‘Tank’ predesigned loadouts SIXMIL offer new/beginner players the chance to facilitate a variety of play styles and looks without the hassle of getting all the gear themselves! I love this concept as it helps new players feel more involved in the game! The second supporting company is a retailer called Targetszone! Targetszone are a retailer based in Birmingham that specialise in field sports equipment from major brands including Armex, Anglo Arms and more but also have a large selection of military surplus and airsoft gear.

The day starts with a comprehensive safety brief from the owner Paul and his team of marshals. The site runs a limit of 350 FPS max, semi auto only (except in the odd game that are agreed by all players before starting), and with a pyro limit of a 12 gauge magflash round however due to the amount of wood in the building strike-able pyro is not allowed.

The site itself is a 13,000 sq ft warehouse space that is set on the second floor of the building. It is a mixture of bright long, open areas, dark corridors and even darker kill house style rooms. It is exceptionally close CQB and with no minimum engagement distance you can bet it is intense. The staff are constantly working to improve the site so it changes from week to week with new rooms being added, new doors and more permanent structures being built. 

What about gameplay? The games are capped at 30 players – 15 a side and that is a perfect amount for the sites total playing area of 13,000 sq ft. The game modes played are varied to include death matches and objective based game modes that keep the day fresh. We started the day off with a collapse and defend game to balance the teams which was then switched around. Other games during the day included an objective game where teams fought to dominate the killhouse to activate the target system and eliminate as many targets as possible in 30 seconds. At the end of the day, we also played a super fun VIP evacuation game where the VIP is given a force of 6 bodyguards to enable them to move through the site and reach the evacuation point but there was a catch, the VIP got to use the new Classic Army Mini Gun on a two second burst for suppressive fire (of course all players agreed before game on and the mini gun was used by an experienced, trusted player) Everyone had a great day and the feedback from the games was excellent.

I have always said that one aspect of a site that is really important to me personally is the staff – this can sometimes make or break a site! The hospitality that I was shown from Paul, Kelly, Rob, Joe and the rest of the staff onsite was second to none. They were all super friendly and chatted enthusiastically with all of their customers throughout the day. The marshals had a great sense of humour during gameplay and this added to the atmosphere. One thing that impressed me during the day was that Paul was consistently checking with his customers whether they were having a good day and asking if there was anything that could be improved – this shows me that he is not only passionate about his site but that the customers experience is paramount!

So what’s the walk on fee? The walk on fee for members is £25.00 and for none-members is £30.00 each including a hot lunch (which is a rarity at sites nowadays!) Hires are available from SIXMIL starting at £25 so it is in line with game day fees at other sites.

Are there any issues with the site? There are only a couple of issues that I noticed whist on site and they are issues that are isolated to other tenants of the building. The site has 26 allocated car parking spaces however a few of them are taken up by abandoned cars – whilst it doesn’t cause a massive problem, it is a little bit of an annoyance. The other issue lies with the men’s toilets - other tenants in the building unfortunately do not look after the facilities so West Midlands Airsoft has combatted this however by opening up the women’s toilet that has a lock on it, players and attendees of the day can ask at reception for the key to enjoy a pleasant, clean bathroom. Props to West Mids for taking such positive action regarding this!

Overall I had an absolutely fantastic day at West Midlands Airsoft High Command, the site itself although not the biggest site is well laid out and the gameplay flowed well. The games that were played were varied and balanced. The players, marshals and staff were fun and enthusiastic to be around and made everyone feel welcome! I’ll definitely be back!

Hardwick, K. (2017). West Midlands Airsoft: High Command. Airsoft Action. 79 (October), 42-43.
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