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With 2020 only a month away, today I have one of my yearly ‘Favourites’ posts for you and this time we’re looking at my favourite UK Airsoft Sites of 2019! Now, this post causes outrage every year, so let me clarify something straight off the bat - these are MY personal favourite sites (yours probably will be different) that I have played in 2019 - meaning I have not played every site in the UK and nor am I proclaiming that they are the best sites in the country, but simply saying that these are the ones I have most enjoyed playing. In 2019, I spent a large chunk of time out of the country at shows and events so I have played ‘away’ less in 2019 than I would have liked to but I still played a good chunk of the UK. With that cleared up, let’s get into my favourite sites of 2019!

At number 5 for 2019, is a woodland site in Newbury in Berkshire, England called Red Alert Paintball and Airsoft.

Red Alert Paintball & Airsoft Newbury is a 35 Acre dual-purpose airsoft and paintball site that is still in its infancy. Whilst it is still under construction with build days happening regularly, it already has a good amount of structures for players to battle on, around and over including a bridge, a bomb dump, a fortress and even cars all set in a challenging woodland environment. Since I visited in March the site has been developed heavily.

The facilities on site are good - including an onsite shop, male and female toilets and a great lunch menu. The staff were exceptionally welcoming, friendly and ran the games with enthusiasm - you can tell that the Marshalls and staff really enjoy their days at Red Alert. The games played were fun, engaging and we had a great day shooting with/at our friends!

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At number 4 on my list of faves is Airsoft Edinburgh in Gorebridge, Scotland!

Airsoft Edinburgh is a 70-acre dual-purpose site that has been well developed over the last few years. It has a great number of structures in the woodland itself and vehicles such as APCs, Land Rovers and Helicopters for players to battle over, on and around. The woodland is quite challenging but what I really like about it is that even when it rains the dense tree cover provides a cover for players. The site itself is super picturesque.

The facilities onsite are really good - the safe zone is pretty spacious and the tables/benches are covered which is a godsend on those dreary rainy days. It has a large shipping container that has the signing in desk, rental equipment, shop (selling pyro, drinks, snack and gameday essentials such as BBs and gas), it is worth mentioning that anything purchased on LWA’s website can be picked up from the skirmish site if you’re attending. The site has a single portaloo - this is one of the things I think could be improved on. The games played were fun, engaging and they were run impeccably by Scott and his team of Marshalls. I had an awesome day at Airsoft Edinburgh and cannot wait to be back!

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Number 3 on my list is a woodland site in Upper Tean, Staffordshire - The FOB ran by West Midlands Airsoft. Before I get into this site, I do have to declare that I do Marshall for West Midlands Airsoft and take the photos for their woodland site so it could be considered biased (but why would you work with a company you don't believe in?).

 The FOB was once a Home Guard Training Area during the Second World War, and is a vast site covering 120 acres of varied woodland terrain. The site boasts some purpose-built structures and natural games zones from open dense woodland to 7 purpose-built, themed gaming areas such as “The Fort”, “Village” and the Crash Site which has an old beat up helicopter dominating the game zone which have all been newly renovated over the last few months. The team at WMA have also opened up the site with new paths and areas of play. The game modes differ from game day to game day but there are often long objective-based game modes and shorter attack and defend games which I am a fan of. The site has a bunch of cool props that add another element to the gameplay. The onsite facilities are good, and the staff are a great bunch of folk.

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At the number 2 spot for this year is South Coast CQB, an urban site in Lee-on-Solent in Hampshire, England.

Southcoast CQB is an urban/CQB site that has a lot of buildings to fight in, around and through, that mixes quite well with the challenging outdoor spaces. Some of the buildings are two stories which are accessible to players. In its early days, the site was used by the Royal Marines Arms Corps between 1922-1959, the South-East District Small Arms Corp as a minor training facility in 1961 and a weekend training centre up to the mid-1970s for army cadets. Now it hosts airsofters every Thursday evening and two Sundays a month.

The facilities on site are good - the safe zone is spacious as it is a two-story building - we had a double room upstairs which was big enough for seven of us and our kit. You have to go to another room to fill in an insurance waiver and you pay in the main foyer - it is worth noting that payments are cash or PayPal, I think it would be a great idea for the site to invest in a PayPal card reader so players can pay on card as well! The sign-in desk is also the shop that sells snacks/beverages and all the game-day essentials such as BBs, pyro and gas. The site also has portaloos that are unisex and there is a burger van on-site for lunch. The gameplay was quite evenly spread out over the site and utilised all areas.

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At the number 1 spot this year, is the Depot in Glasgow, Scotland!

The Depot is situated in the heart of Glasgow and is the largest in-play area indoor site in Scotland with 2 floors, 7 stairwells and 150,000 square feet of space. The site is fully indoors with a large car park, a safe-zone with ample seating/tables for players to set-up for the day and it’s complete with lockers, (actual) toilets and an on-site shop stocking all the game day essentials from BBs to gas, to cans of pop and snacks. 

Games played over the weekend were varied and kept everyone on their toes, they included team deathmatches, attack/defend, domination and capture the flag style games with medic rules (which made the huge site far more playable). Whether you like your CQB fast and hard-hitting, or slower and stealthier, the different areas of the site can accommodate for that. It has a lot of cool graffiti and different coloured lighting which add to the atmosphere. The games were varied and kept all the players on their toes and more importantly, the marshall team listened to players feedback on the day and tweaked the games accordingly. The facilities onsite are really good and the staff run a good game day. I am very much looking forward to my next visit.

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