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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have a site review for you - I was invited to Red Alert Paintball and Airsoft on the 23rd March 2019 with my airsoft team Project Cerberus to attend a boot sale/private game day at the site. The site is located near Thatcham and Newbury, and as I live in Derby (much further North of the site) I stayed with friends in Reading the night before. From Reading, it was a pretty easy drive out of the city centre and through some picturesque country roads. The track to the site is a dirt track with gravel - which is not a problem in the summer but I doubt my little Peugeot would make it through the mud in the winter/early spring when it's wet and dreary.

Red Alert Paintball & Airsoft Newbury is a 35 Acre dual purpose airsoft and paintball site that is still in its infancy. It is still under construction with build days happening regularly but it already has a good amount of structures for players to battle on, around and over including a bridge, a bomb dump, a fortress and even cars all set in a challenging woodland environment.

The facilities on site are good - the safe zone is spacious, it could do with a few more tables/chairs but I expect this to come when the site is more established. It has two shipping containers that house the shop - one that contains the signing in desk (and the all-important snacks/beverages) and the other than contains kit for sale, second hand RIFs that have been cleaned and serviced by their tech, larp kit and of course all the game day essentials such as BBs, pyro and gas. The site also has portaloos for both sexes - although I’m no fan of portaloos, I do appreciate a women’s only toilet. The loos were clean all day and well stocked with loo roll and anti-bac hand gel. On the day we had a cooked lunch of burgers (we paid extra for lunch as it was a private game day), but their menu isn’t just limited to the burgers and hot dogs though - they regularly put on a spread of chilli, curry and other home-cooked dishes which is awesome. The staff were exceptionally welcoming, friendly and ran the games with enthusiasm - you can tell that the Marshalls and staff really enjoy their days at Red Alert.

We played a variety of games throughout the day, my favourites included ‘bomb dump defence’, ‘3 stage attack’ and ‘the bridge’. The ‘bomb dump defence’ was the first game of the day in which both teams started on opposite sides of the bomb dump - the defenders could have one player in the bomb dump area to defend it and the bomb. We attacked first during this game and the home players made the mistake of not having anyone in the bomb dump to defend it so our team flooded the area quickly and detonated the bomb. Once this game was reversed, we learned from their mistake and made sure to have someone in the bomb dump. One thing I did like about this game was the bomb device that was used - super cool! 

The game I enjoyed the most was the ‘3 stage attack’ where the other team defended areas of the site whilst we attacked our way through the woodland, bridge, cars and the fort whilst placing the ammo container objective in the right locations. This game gave us the option of using the whole site and the opposition we faced from the sites home players was fierce - the firefights, especially over the fort were intense and there was plenty of pyro flinging around! We didn’t turn this game around.

In the last game that I played - ‘the bridge’, both teams started on opposite sides of the gaming zone with the bridge in the middle - on the bridge, there were 2 oil drums painted different colours and a fuel container. During the game, players had to assault the bridge, get a player onto it and then put the fuel container on their teams colour oil drum. In this game, if you were shot whilst placing the container (which happened EVERY time because this game is so brutal) you were allowed to finish placing the container before taking the hit. This game was fast-paced, fun and a little bit mental honestly because once you got on the bridge you knew you were about to face a barrage of BBs.

Overall, I had a really good day at Red Alert Paintball and Airsoft - the games were fun, engaging and run well by the staff. The site itself as a whole has some development to be done, which I anticipate will be ongoing through 2019 but the facilities available were good and most importantly comfortable. Food was great, staff were awesome and most importantly we had a great day of shooting our friends and willing victims. Huge thank you to all the staff at Red Alert for hosting us, I’d love to come back for a regular game day!

Photography thanks to L.Sibley Photography

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