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Those of you who have followed me for a while on social media will have seen that my belt set-up has evolved so much over the 4 short years I have been playing airsoft, from not using one in the beginning (because why would you EVER need to carry more than the 3 mags on your plate carrier right?! *chuckles*) to a full, heavy battle belt set-up that I thought I needed for MilSims even though it had more kit than necessary, to my current lightweight, shooters belt set-up. It has taken me a long time, to not only find a belt that doesn’t bruise my hips (the number of tactical belts I have sat in my Peli Cases is RIDICULOUS) and also to create a set-up that has everything I need to hand but isn’t excessive in weight or unnecessary kit. I now have two set-ups - one for my MultiCam kit and one for my green team kit. In this we’ll be looking at my MultiCam belt set-up:

The belt itself: the base of my build is a MultiCam FRV Tailoring Cobra Shooters Belt. It is a low profile, lightweight and affordable alternative to some of the pricier shooters belts on the market. It has an inner belt made of one layer of webbing with Velcro hook on the outside which you feed through your trouser belt loops as you would any normal belt, then you place your outer belt with all your pouches, holsters etc attached over the inner belt and fasten it with the cobra buckle. The belt is 50mm/2" wide and has 18 columns of molle. The molle loops run along the top and bottom of the outer belt and they're compatible with any molle pouches and holsters. The outer belt has a double layer of webbing to give it that rigidity and a cobra buckle that is rated up to 4000 lb's. What I love about this belt is it sits quite high up on my hips so it doesn’t bruise me or get uncomfortable even when there’s a fair bit of weight being carried, and I can have all my pouches/holsters etc set up on the belt without needing to take them off when the belt is removed. Get 10% off at FRV Tailoring using the code 'Femmefatale'

So now it’s all about the essentials, as I don’t want to be swapping holsters constantly I opted for a Warrior Assault Systems Universal Holster in MultiCam, which is the best holster that I’ve used to date. What I really like about this holster and the reason why I always come back to it, Is because it fits every pistol I currently own, securely! The adjustment system is easy to use, and the pistol is held in place by a trigger locking system. To release the pistol you simply push in the release and pull the pistol, and to lock the pistol into the holster you just push it back in. To carry pyro and empty magazines I have a Warrior Assault Systems Gen 1 Dump Pouch, just something simple to keep anything that doesn’t have a dedicated pouch.

To keep my pistols mags safe during a game, I opted for 2 of the Nuprol Open Mag Pistol pouches in their own variant of MC. They are elasticated pouches which can be tightened/loosened to fit various mags and also 40mm flashbangs/smoke grenades etc if you don’t have any pistol mags to keep a hold of. I’ve had these for around 3 years and have used them for various uses and they just keep on giving.

Last up in my MultiCam belt set-up we have 2 of the Grey Ghost Gear 40mm pouches in MultiCam. Now these are exactly what they say on the tin – they are 40mm pouches that are suitable for flashbangs and smoke grenades of that diameter, they have a malice clip attachment which means they are fastened securely (although they do have a slight wiggle in them) and they have a clip to secure the pouch flap. They keep my grenades secure and the clip is easy to undo quickly even with gloves on.

So there you have it folks, my MultiCam shooters belt set-up! Keep an eye out for the green shooters belt set-up soon!

Model: Kellie at West Midlands Airsoft

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